The Curator News Feed: February 7, 2014

Whoa, what a week, Seattle. Wednesday witnessed the biggest gathering (EVER) in the Emerald City with a whopping 700,000-plus people  downtown to cheer on the Seahawks as they paraded the Lombardi trophy through the streets. It was truly electric to be a part of the historical day. I think I speak for all of us when I say it is truly incredible how this years' team has united 12th man nation, something Seattle sorely needed. We're proud to call Seattle home! Now, without further ado, we present our favorite links of the week (with only a few Seahawks references): These Snacks Taste Sweet as a Bag of Kittens and Puppies in Odd British Ads, AdFreak. So fuzzy. So cute. So mesmerizing. And, so British. What do tiny house pets have to do with cookies? Nothing. Does it matter? Apparently not. This commercial made me "awww," proving yet again the power of puppies and kittens is still alive and well. Sue me! -- Megan


@SochiProblems, Twitter. Just in time for the Olympics, a Twitter account we can all get behind: @SochiProblems. -- Paul

The Most Incredible Scientific Visualizations Of 2013, Business Insider. I love how this takes complex, scientific concepts and puts them into a format that is more tangible. Not to mention, some of these images are pretty incredible. -- Annie I love this project by Brooklyn based art director Jordan Young. Such a simple idea, but one that I'm sure brings a lot of joy to the folks getting "matched" and those just looking.  -- Matthew


How the Super Bowl Turned the NYC Macy's Building Into a Massive Screen, Gizmodo. I'm not ready to wake up from this dream. Just one more Super Bowl story! We're fortunate to work with Macy's. And although we had no part in this New York spectacle, I am very much in awe. Read what it took for the NFL to project the "heat of the game" onto the Herald Square Macy's location. -- Ann Marie

wow such weather. There's nothing better than when a hilarious animal-based Internet meme meets a practical life application. Enter Doge Weather: a web app that combines the charm and whimsy of doge with the weather in your area. -- Paul

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Y Combinator's BloomThat takes a tech-savvy approach to sending flowers, Venture Beat. An awesome startup from Silicon Valley, BloomThat is changing the way people think about sending flowers. Love the local focus and concept that you don't have to wait for those traditional holidays to send someone flowers. Hoping for an expansion to Seattle! -- Chelsey

What Facebook Will Look Like by 2024, Mashable. In celebration of Facebook's 10-year anniversary this week, Mashable predicts how Facebook will look and function in another 10. -- Noelle

If Facebook movies were more honest, they’d look like this, Let's keep Facebook honest. -- Brooke

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