The Curator News Feed: January 24, 2014

Dannon/Oikos Super Bowl ad teasers are dropping, cleaning products go social, and a small start-up buys a 93-year old business. Here are all our favorite stories from the week all in one blog post. Enjoy!

30 Historic Winter Olympics Photos We'll Never Forget, Mashable. First comes the Superbowl then comes the Winter Olympics? February is packed with big sports moments! I know the Winter Olympics might not have Michael Phelps or the US Gymnastics Team but you can't forget about these incredible athletes that attempt deathly tricks. This quick recap gives you a taste of the fierce competition coming in February! -- Brooke

Blood & Oil, by Cale Glendening. This. Is. Incredible. -- Shawn

'Full House' Stars to Be in Super Bowl Ad, Bleacher Report. As if I wasn't already excited about the upcoming Super Bowl ads, this Full House reunion may have just locked a spot at the top of my list. -- Chelsey

Disney's "Blank Check" (Wolf of Wall Street edition), PCClarkLovesMovies on YouTube. I love movie trailers almost more than actual movies, and the first "Wolf Of Wall Street" trailer (the one with Kanye) was my favorite last year. So it was awesome to discover that someone had mashed it up with 90's kid-comedy "Blank Check." This is hilariously flawless. -- Paul

She Stretches and Twists Her Body on a Blank Canvas. Slowly, I Realized What She Was Doing, Distractify. I thought this was pretty cool. -- Chelsey

Ajax: Social Wipes, Creativity-Online. How do you bring a cleaning product to social and make it relevant? Like this. Simple, clever, and smartly connects the actual product to a digital, social version of the same thing. Yes, tools that do the same thing are already out there, but chances are the folks who most need a "social clean up" are not aware of them, making this idea that much better for their target. -- Matthew

Derrick Coleman gets letter from little girl with hearing aids, writes back, Seattle Times. "I have faif in you," a little girl with hearing aids writes to Derrick Coleman of the Seahawks after seeing his inspiring commercial. Derrick's response is equally as sweet. So cute! -- Megan

10-Month-Old Startup Buys 93-Year-Old Business for $100 Million, Mashable. I'm not smart enough to create a tech product that will change anybody's life. But I do shave on a daily basis and understand the benefits and experience around shaving. I need glasses and understand the purchasing process and the fashion commitment one makes when they choose their frame. Love that these guys are innovating categories that on the surface seem simple. They're innovating around an experience. So smart. The innovation train never stops. And every category will be touched. -- Scott

Pinterest: 'We Now Support GIFs in All Their Animated Glory', Mashable. There's been a lot of talk in the office this week about how we need more GIFs in our lives. Our wish might actually have come true thanks to Pinterest. Bring on the GIF boards and start pinning! -- Annie

Why Is Facebook Blue? The Science of Colors in Marketing, Huffington Post. Super interesting article on the science behind using particular colors in marketing, and what they convey to the consumer about your brand. -- Noelle