The Curator News Feed: July 11, 2014

We still don't know why people are backing Zack Danger Brown's potato salad, but as the dollar count rose to well over $46K this week, we were reading about ESPN's social media war room, food industry monopolies, some tiny animals enjoying cake at a tiny birthday party, and much more. Enjoy our reading list below, and have a happy weekend, all! Kansas

Somebody Flew a Drone Into a Fireworks Display and This is What Happened, TIME. This is too cool not to share! -- Noelle

Street Art Project, by Google Cultural Institute. Such a neat exploration tool! Great interactions that simultaneously make the experience of viewing an online gallery actually engaging and highlight otherwise unavailable details in the work. -- Maggie

Bud vs. Microbrew: How Beer is Made (In GIFs!), STL Public Radio. Always a good reminder that we live in a great place with great craft brew. The difference between Budweiser and craft beer in GIF's. -- Colin

10 Companies That Control Almost Everything We Eat, Business Insider. A crazy reminder of the food-world monopoly! -- Chelsey

Inside ESPN's Social Media War Room During the Most Tweeted Sporting Event Ever, AdWeek. Real time marketing? Yeah, it takes a village. You might think those tweets came from one freelance community manager sitting on the couch but you're wrong. Every 140 characters is strategically planned by a full team at ESPN. -- Brooke

Top 10 Trends at the Fancy Food Show, AdAge. Always love to see what new food trends are coming down the line. And, according to this article, gluten-free isn't going anywhere, it's just getting tastier and more creative. Pass the beet yogurt? -- Megan

Lego Representation of 50 States, Imgur. I thoroughly enjoyed going through this album of all 50 states depicted in Legos. My personal favorite was Oregon as an avid Portlandia fan. -- Colin

Mastering Fermentation. My wife and I participate in The London Plane's Larder Share. This week they read my mind. I had been mentioning that I wanted to try my hand at Kimchi and other fermented vegetables. Among the things in this week's bag was the book Mastering Fermentation along with a jar and ingredients for my first try. Can't wait. -- Scott

Your Tax Dollars Are Hard at Work...Editing the 'Horse Head Mask' Page on Wikipedia, Washington Post. The Internet isn't all cats and potato salads. Someone has set up a Twitter account that tweets every time someone from a Congressional IP address edits a Wikipedia article.  -- Paul

Tiny Birthday for a Tiny Hedgehog. Paul is right. The internet isn't all cats and potato salads. There are tiny hedgehogs, too. And for that we thank you, internet. -- Ann Marie