The Curator News Feed: July 25, 2014

We made it to Friday, guys! And that can only mean one thing: The Curator News Feed. This week we are reading about emojis, YOLO and Russell Wilson. What's been on your reading list lately? Tweet us your best links @CuratorPR.

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'Emoji Among Us' Short Film Is Cute, Whimsical and an Advertisement in Disguise, AdWeek. Emojis are so cool they get to star in a short film! -- Chelsey

The 9 Most Popular Apps No One Uses Anymore, Gizmodo. Remember these apps for the iPhone/iTouch when it was first released? Here's some iPhone nostalgia of the highest grossing apps that no one uses anymore. I used to be a master at TapTap, but the music became so unbearable... --Colin

Mercedes Looks for Up-and-Comers on LinkedIn, New York Times. Taking a tip from Barbie, Mercedes turns to LinkedIn to promote its new C-class line. People are allowed to nominate someone it their LinkedIn network who has demonstrated "qualities that meet the sophistication of the Mercedes-Benz brand." (tip of the hat to Jeremy Pepper for flagging this one.) -- Ann Marie

Sex in the City Supercut Shows How Much It Loved Name-Dropping Brands, AdWeek. This is awesome. SATC was always the ultimate advertisement anyway, but this video really shows us how subtle those sneaky writers and advertisers were! BED BATH & BEYOND! -- Chelsey

Parents Worry More About Back-to-School Shopping Than Bullying, TIME. This was an interesting read. Apparently, parents are more stressed about back to school shopping than potentially larger problems such as bullying. -- Colin

New Yelp Data Tool Might Help Us Find The Next Big Food Craze, Fast Company. YOLO is on its way out but donuts are here to stay. -- Megan

Computer Vision Syndrome and You, The Atlantic. If you are reading these links, it is likely you work in a profession that requires you to stare at a computer for more than two hours each day. Stop reading and take a break—your eyes need it. -- Paul

Inside Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson's California warmups , I'm a fan of Russell Wilson's even more for his leadership and ability to build culture than I am of him the athlete. I think he's a phenomenal QB, but it's his mindset that makes him special. This is a great example. -- Scott

Adult Swim Dives into Comic-Con with Ice Cream Truck, Free Rides, More, SDCC Blog. In honor of Comic Con in San Diego this weekend, here is an interesting partnership with Adult Swim, Intel, Lexus and State Farm. — Noelle