The Curator News Feed: June 13, 2014

Happy Friday the 13th! As we round out another week, let's reflect on some of the best things that happened on the internet: a local Sir Mix-a-Lot enthusiast dancing her way to stardom at the Symphony, Paris' Love Lock bridge on lockdown, Jim Harbaugh's support of stopping Dad pants, plus lots more...


Tesla Will Open Up Its Supercharger Patents to Boost Electric Car Adoption, Engadget. Big news happening this week with Elon Musk's announcement that Tesla will make its supercharger technology patents public to allow competition in the EV market. I for one an very excited about this, it's about time electric vehicles become more accessible to the public with shared technology. -- Colin

Could you Walk for Karl?, Vogue. From selfie to the catwalk, Ford Models is running a contest with Karl Lagerfeld to search for the next model to walk for Chanel and Fendi, plus a photo shoot with Karl. The best part is that the contest is running through Instagram using #walkwithkarl.  -- Chelsey

Adam Magyar - Stainless. Artist Adam Magyar has been doing some incredible work surrounding the perception of time, space, and urban flow. This is one example from his STAINLESS series. -- Shawn

Sir Mix-a-Lot Symphony Dancer Embraces Newfound Fame, KING 5. Sir Mix-a-Lot at the Seattle Symphony plus one amazing fan. "When opportunity comes knocking, you better answer that door." -- Ann Marie

Paris Bridge Partially Collapses Under Weight of "Love Locks," Gawker. Love lockdown. Sorry, couldn't resist. -- Noelle

Dumb and Dumber To, Official Trailer. Am I the only one who felt like this was kind of cringe-worthy? -- Colin

Newcastle Reveals The Secrets of Facebook Advertising, AdWeek. Newcastle's Super Bowl ads were brilliant, and this is a great behind-the-scenes look at their thinking (and Facebook's). -- Paul

Seattle Summer Outdoor Movie Guide 2014, Seattle Met. Summer is around the corner, folks! This means we Seattleites can come out of hibernation for real and take advantage of all the awesome outdoor activities our city has to offer. I for one, am real pumped for the selection of outdoor movies on the calendar. Here's a stellar roundup from Seattle Met. -- Chelsey

Outstanding Time-Lapse of a Stellar Explosion from Hubble, IFLScience. In 2002, scientists observed a massive explosion in space that they still have no explanation for. What they do have is an insane time-lapse video of the event, which you should watch now. -- Paul

Panera CMO: Cramer-Krasselt Didn't Fire Us, AdWeek. Panera Bread's ad agency quit this week, saying "no amount of money makes it worthwhile." That's pretty bold. However, Panera claims that Cramer-Krasselt didn't fire them, saying, "We had a good relationship with the team [at Cramer-Krasselt]. And the work was good, but we were aspiring for great." This is definitely a strong reminder how important it is to constantly be doing internal evaluations of the work you're delivering as an agency--something Curator does on a regular basis. -- Megan

Jim Harbaugh Shows Comedic Side in Dockers Ad, Props to the Harbaugh clan for finding some humor in those infamous khakis. Well done, Dockers. -- Chelsey

Bonus link: our favorite Vine.