The Curator News Feed: March 28, 2014



It's almost the weekend! Kick back with the teams' best links of the week, including a new campaign from Weight Watchers, a look at the value of social media through J Crew's lens, and a brilliant "marketing video marketed at marketers," as Matthew  says.

Ad of the Day: This Weight Watchers Ad Is Unlike Any You've Seen Before, AdWeek. "Awaken your incredible" is the new campaign from Weight Watchers Australia. I find the message to be powerful and the ad incredibly inspiring. I'm tired of all the weight loss ads on TV in the states that use celebrities as spokespeople (sorry not buying it), and make people feel like they will be a better version of themselves at a smaller size, only focusing on the "loss" part of being healthy. I think this ad campaign is refreshing and hope Weight Watchers' U.S. counterpart takes note. What's even cooler about this campaign, is that if you go to the Weight Watchers Australia site:, you can create your own incredible story made from beautiful Getty Images. -- Chelsey

J.Crew's Social Media Users Spend Twice As Much As Its Average Customers, Buzzfeed. Retailers and clients, in general, have long debated the ROI on social media. According to J. Crew, it matters. -- Jennifer

Everything You Hate About Advertising in One Fake Video That's Almost Too Real, AdWeek. This video has layers. The more you watch and think about it, the more you realize the brilliance. It's a marketing video perfectly marketed to marketers. The subtext is, "we can help you make even the most obnoxious marketing video." but ultimately it shows you that they have all the video you need for your projects. I'm sold. -- Matthew

Allstate's Mayhem Is Fiddling With Vine While Brackets Burn, AdWeek. Allstate wins again with their Mayhem character. This time for March Mayhem as he destroys brackets all over social. -- Chelsey

Social Media, Marketing and PR: Who's Responsible for What?, Mashable. With the lines of responsibility blurred these days as communications professionals don many hats, Mashable gives some definition to the duties handled by PR, marketing and social media pros, referring to these important roles as "three arms on the same body." -- Noelle

Social media users migrating to smaller circles, CNN. We had a lot of conversation around this topic this week, so this article was well-timed. A new survey notes that young social media users aren't necessarily abandoning Facebook, but rather adding smaller, more personal social networks to their social routine. -- Ann Marie

College Senior Already Has Grueling 14-Month Employment Search Lined Up After Graduation, The Onion. This article was painfully funny, and made me laugh out loud. “Once I get my diploma this spring, I’m pretty much all set to begin this new, dispiriting chapter in my life on the right foot,” said Huber, who confirmed that he already has firm plans to move to a city where he’ll live with five roommates in a small apartment while hopelessly chasing down leads on unappealing dead-end positions he isn’t qualified for anyway. “I’ve even gotten a head start by setting up a bunch of informational interviews so I can begin to build up a network of contacts who won’t be able to help me find a job.” -- Megan

FiftyThree. This is a very slick integration of tools and output for artist types. I've been using the Procreate iPad app for a few years and will be switching to Paper when I get my new "Pencil". You shouldn't have to relearn how to sketch for technology, the tech should come to meet you. The palm rejection concept and eraser ux bridges the gap between real life an tech better than anything I've seen yet. -- Shawn