The Curator News Feed: March 7, 2014

This week officially kicked off the Curator March Blog Challenge! If you haven't already, check out what we've been posting about. But first, have a gander at the things we've been reading as of late: sly tattoo parlors and social media for dogs, among others... happy Friday! PSFK

Meet the people who would leave Earth and take a one-way trip to Mars, Gizmodo. Would you take a one way trip to Mars? For the people in this short documentary, the answer is yes. definitely thought provoking and to me, profoundly sad. But, if these people do get a chance to live on Mars, I hope it's everything they dreamed it would be. -- Megan

Tattoo Artists Challenged To Fill In QR Code & Scan For Job Interview, PSFK. QR codes for the masses have generally proved to be a pointless, but that doesn't mean they can't be used in interesting ways to reach a smaller audience. The brilliance of this ad is that the average person doesn't really need to scan the code to be intrigued by it, and those who do scan are just the folks the studio wants -- Matthew

Uber Cab Confessions, GQ. "There's something about the anonymity that makes you want to talk to a stranger. We're in the digital age, but people seem to crave old-fashioned human interaction wherever they can get it." The title caught my attention first, but the great writing kept me reading. Uber Cab Confessions feels like it could be a really entertaining, also scary series. -- Chelsey

Collar Creates Social Timelines Out Of Canine Activity, PSFK. Throwing social media to the dogs! Why shouldn't our canines have a device to translate all of their daily activity into a sharable, social network? I'm seriously looking into this... -- Chelsey

Jawbone Brings Health Tracking to... Coffee?, Mashable. We're Jawbone wearers and believers here at Curator (thanks, Boss!) and now the health tracking company can assist you in keeping tabs on your caffeine intake thanks to its new app. Not sleeping well? You might want to tap that app and, depending upon what you learn, consider nixing that afternoon latte. -- Jennifer

The perfect Instagram photo: textured, bright, and blue, Tech Hive. Hello from Austin, TX! This week I have the honor to be traveling with our client Whole Foods Market for a Digital Marketing Summit followed by SXSWi. Before the South By madness begins we received some insight from analytics vendor Curalate. Here's an older article that shared some of their learnings about what Instagrams perform best. I'll definitely be using these tips on my personal account while in Austin! -- Brooke

Dove Pulls NJ 'Arm Pit' Billboard in Wake of Criticism, Entrepreneur. Interesting development on Dove's Advanced Care campaign. I've been very impressed with the company's past advertisements and marketing tactics, but not surprisingly this time around residents of New Jersey weren't too thrilled with Dove referred to the state the "Armpit of America" in a billboard ad. This is a great example of the importance of keeping your audience in mind with every piece of communication you put out. But, in true Dove fashion, they pulled the billboard and are donating the space to a charitable organization in New Jersey. Still love this company! -- Annie

McDonald's heralds the 'lastest step in the evolution of the Happy Meal' with Free Fruit Fridays..., The Drum. I'm all for increasing opportunities throughout the day to help kids make healthy choices. This is an interesting story on McDonald's in the UK pushing fruit to the Happy Meal crowd with Free Fruit Fridays. In France, the fast food giant had success with Crunchy Wednesdays. -- Ann Marie