The Curator News Feed: May 15, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 10.20.37 AM This week, we bring you our favorite links. Don't miss the best illustration on how correlation does not equal causation--Nick Cage style, Kevin Bacon's less-famous brother representing Oscar Meyer's less-famous turkey bacon, and brilliant new Pinterest ads. Read on, and enjoy the weekend.

Pinterest Lets the Pictures Tell the Story in Quiet, Lovely Ads from Molecule, AdWeek. I love the storytelling in these videos. Watch and enjoy. -- Ann Marie

Is Beyonce Trolling Us on Instagram?, The Daily Beast. Beyoncé's pretty good at a lot of stuff, but now she's delving into PR crisis management and basically kicking ass at it. Four Instagrams? That's gotta be some kind of efficiency record. -- Paul

The best illustration you'll see that correlation doesn't equal causation, Vox. One of the things we're very careful with, when dealing with data, is to not mistake correlation for causation. What's the difference? The difference is, "Hey, that's a funny coincidence" and "Nicolas Cage's movies are killing people!" -- Paul


Going Paperless Quick Tip: 3 Ways I Use Evernote to Avoid Sweating the Small Stuff, Jamie Todd Rubin. I recently became an Evernote convert. With keeping my notes all digital, I always have information I need whether I'm in the Curator office or not. I love these tips on how to use Evernote with some things you would never think of! -- Brooke

How to Prep for the Apocalypse on Pinterest, The Atlantic. I love Pinterest for planning purposes: Meals, vacations, holiday gift giving—it's a wonderful reference tool to have in your pocket when you head out to shop. That's exactly why we used it for our latest project with Swanson's Nursery. It's also perhaps why it's becoming popular with survivalists. Yep, people are planning for the apocalypse, Pinterest style. Check it out. -- Paul

Kevin Bacon’s Less Famous Brother Reps Bacon’s Less Famous Sibling, Yahoo. Oscar Meyer has tapped Kevin Bacon's less-famous brother, Michael to rep the company's less-famous turkey bacon, and is asking consumers to "stand up for unsung bacon everywhere," and follow @michaelbacon36 on twitter. Should people respond well to this fun campaign, Michael could very well become the most well-known bacon on social. -- Jennifer

Coca-Cola Builds Adorable Mini Kiosks to Sell Mini Cokes, AdWeek. Mini things are adorable--hamsters, burritos, pizzas, and now Cokes. I don't even drink Coke, but I'd probably make an exception in this case. Well done, Ogilvy.  -- Megan


AMC: Mad Men Emmy Ads, Creativity-Online. Props to AMC and The Martin Agency for this clever faux-ad campaign. Together with the Mad Men creator, Matthew Weiner, they developed the sixties-style ads that will run on billboards and digital ads in hopes of catching the eye of some Emmy voters this summer. Well played. -- Chelsey

This 'Rocky Horror' Fan Waited 5 Years To Complete A Tweet, Huffington Post. This is dedication. Waiting 5 YEARS to complete a tweet. -- Chelsey

30 Mouthwatering Instagram Pictures Of Street Food Around The World, Business Insider. This woman found the perfect way to combine two of my favorite things - food and travel. During her solo-trip across Europe, Melissa Hie shared images of her food at each destination on Instagram. The portfolio of images she cultivated will make you realize the cultural significance of so many foods...and will leave you really hungry. -- Annie


Thank you Fire Fighters, Evergreen Cuisine on Facebook. Pretty much all I can think about this week. Praying for my hometown, and thank you to the firefighters and local heroes. -- Noelle

Bonus post: Shawn shared this picture as his link:


But Paul was quick to debunk the Caulkin-Gosling inception with this article.