Curator News Feed: October 4, 2013

To celebrate the changing seasons this week, we're bringing you a fall-themed link round-up! Read up on the best shows, the best movies, the best beers and the best places to drink them this autumn, plus more. Enjoy! Hitchcock Owner to Open Beer Hall in Pioneer Square, Eater Seattle. While I'll be the first to admit I'm sad to see summer go, I do love fall. Other than the pumpkins and the changing of the leaves, plus Thanksgiving, football and reuniting with old friends at Mizzou Homecoming, something else I'm really excited about this season is the new beer hall that's set to open right here in Pioneer Square just in time for Oktoberfest... Cheers! -- Megan

via Seattle Eater

The Only 13 New TV Shows Worth Watching This Fall, Business Insider. This time of year, everyone and their mother has a list of the Best New Shows to Watch (even, where this list is from). Clearly, it's all subjective. I love that they picked The Crazy Ones because it's about advertising. Only 5 of their 13 are on my DVR at the moment (can you guess which ones?) (NOTE: I'm also glad they didn't pick any reality shows. Those things will be the death of our civilization.) -- Dan

Credit: Facebook/Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Chinese Factory Workers and The Toys They Make, Imgur. With the holidays soon approaching, this incredible project by Michael Wolf will give your next trip to Toys-R-Us some unique context. -- Shawn

Credit: Michael Wolf, Imgur

The 16 Fall Movies You Should Be Excited About: A Guide, DeadSpin. Even though I strongly dislike fall weather, it does mean I have the perfect excuse to stay inside and catch up on all the new fall TV shows and better yet, go get lost in some great fall blockbusters! I love the quantity and quality of movies that debut this time of year because award season follows right after the holidays, so all the best flicks are being released now. As an avid Apple TV user I stalk the trailer section to keep caught up on what's coming out next, but I also love the various entertainment guides that get published. This one by Deadspin caught my attention and definitely helped me plan out my movie-going calendar. I can't tell which I'm most excited for, so I'll probably just have to see them all! Which movie are you most anticipating? -- Chelsey

Via DeadSpin

MLB Playoff Hate Primer: The Best Player to Dispise on Each Team, Grantland. I'm going to have a good time watching the Seahawks steamroll their way to a No. 1 seed in the NFC playoff bracket, but first, I'm going to enjoy taking in the MLB playoffs. I know--baseball's slow, boring and not-football, but it's my sport, and it helps remind me that it's a new school year, and anything's possible. Since the Mariners are out of it for the dozenth season in a row, I'll spend each game trying to decide which team I hate less and cheer for them. And if we end up with a Cardinals/Red Sox World Series, I'll just flip back to football early. -- Paul


Want Some Pumpkin In Your Pumpkin Beer?, Chicago Reader. I don't think we've taken an official office poll on whether Pumpkin beer is totally amazing or just good, but I know which side I stand on. Okay, not all of them are perfect, but there's something about pumpkin beers' fleeting availability that makes it exciting. I'm always down to try a new brew and this list is right up my alley this fall. -- Maria

Credit: Julia Thiel

St. Louis Cardinals 2013 NL Central Division Champions Official Clubhouse Hood, MLB Shop. I'm placing my order. Can I order one for you, too? -- Ann Marie

MLB Store

 25 Reasons Fall is the Most Delicious Season, BuzzFeed. I don't know about you, but when I think about the Fall season, I think about all the yummy holiday and seasonal food I get to eat at gatherings with family and friends. Here's a list of some fun fall foods that will leave your mouth watering. Is it lunchtime yet? -- Noelle