The Curator’s News Feed: August 24, 2012

As the Curator team recovers from a successful offsite yesterday, we're reading about Julia Child, scotch and dog-shaming. Don't ask what's going on in the above photo.

19 Reasons You Should Include Visual Content in Your Marketing, Hubspot — As a consumer, I know that my purchasing behavior and impression of a brand or product is very much effected by the available multimedia content. I am far more leery of a company or product if the website looks poorly designed or if there are no images at all. Reading research like this not only reaffirms my personal likes and dislikes, but also encourages the creation of content in digital and visual spaces that we have already been implementing in our work. – Chelsey

Mission Impossible: In search of the perfect barrel of Scotch, Food & Wine. During a short trip to Scotland last year, I had the opportunity to try Scotch that I hadn’t seen in the States before. I budgeted about $50 and found some impressive dram. So what happens when you budget $20,000? Ask the @Canlis brothers who recently traveled the Scottish countryside in search of the perfect barrel. My new goal for 2013: budget a Canlis pilgrimage to try their new find. – Matthew

Memories of a Friend, Sidekick and Foil, New York Times. A few years ago I read My Life In France, an autobiography of Julia Child. I found her fascinating. I loved that she changed the entire course of her life at 39 after taking her first cooking class. And I loved her passion for food. Recently, I received a cookbook as a gift called Julia and Jacques Cooking at Home. It takes hundreds of recipes and offers two points of view: Julia's and Jacques Pepin's. I've enjoyed trying both. Julia Child would have turned 100 last week and this article, written by Pepin, offers a nice insight into their friendship. Bon Appetit. – Scott

My link this week is Working with the great folks at and being dog lovers, our team can’t help but chuckle at this one. Not an intellectual link this week, but one sure to make you smile. – Dan

Inside the Secret Facebook Group Where “Social Marketers” Swap Tips, Fast Company. The group can be likened to a secret society where some of the greatest social media minds come together to swap tips. Want in the club? Don’t expect to be invited any time soon as it’s extremely difficult to wiggle your way in, with only 380 members as of last month. But, as the article states, if you make it in “minds are going to be blown.” Give this piece a read if you want to learn more… - Annie

@WSDOT_Traffic, Twitter. The Washington State Department of Transportation traffic Twitter account provides daily proof that a government-run social media presence can have a sense of humor while being informative. This tweet from last week is a perfect example. Not recommended for arachnophobes. – Lisa  

Best Small Business Industries Today, Intuit. Interesting infographic outlining the types of businesses thriving and stalling post-recession. – Shawn