The Curator's News Feed: August 3, 2012


Ryan Lochte Grill

Happy Seafair! This week we've got the Olympics on the brain. Just give us a few minutes with Ryan Lochte and we'll get that guy media trained. Eeeesh.

Came out of nowhere that time, @KIRO7Seattle. – In honor of Seafair weekend, I figured it was only appropriate to share this awesome photo of the Blue Angels practicing in downtown Seattle. Some of the best memories of living here are from watching these guys! Happy Seafair weekend to everyone. – Annie

Tag Me if You Can, Expedia Australia. This is clever engagement idea/contest by Expedia Australia. It’s like a 21st century remake of “Where in the World is Carmen San Diego” (minus the crime spree and henchmen). Basically participants watch a daily video clue and have to guess where in the world the host is via a dropped pin on a map. Expedia releases more clues throughout the day on FB and Twitter as well.  The first person to come within 10 meters of the host wins the daily prize money which is at least $10,000 day. Not bad for a day’s work! – Julia

Why Crowdsourcing is Here to Stay, – The momentum and rise of crowdsourcing continues! I always find it interesting and often inspiring to see the different ways brands purpose their user-generated content, taking it to the next level. Check out how brands like Heineken, Nivea, Netflix and more are utilizing this tool to engage with their customers. – Chelsey 

The U.S. Women's Gymnasts Have Been Tweeting With Every Famous Person, BuzzFeed. I mean, if you were 16 and just won a gold medal, you’d TOTALLY start tweeting with Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber, right? While social media has played a role in the last couple Olympics, this is the first Games where the athletes have been this Twitter-savvy and where the interaction between athletes and fans (including pop stars and Presidents) has been so prevalent. – Lisa

83 Million Facebook Accounts Fake, CNN. Clearly, people have too much time on their hands. I know many of us here at Curator are administrators on multiple accounts for our clients, but that’s not the same as these 83 million other accounts. I wonder how that’s going to impact their stock price, advertising prices, etc. – Dan

Ryan Lochte is Terrible at Interviews, YouTube. “Ryan Lochte, you just won a gold medal. What are you going to do next?” “I’m going to media training!”- Ann Marie