The Curator’s News Feed: August 31, 2012

As we enjoy the last day of a Seattle August without a drop of rain, we're already thinking about fall meals like Campbell's soup and Burmese red pork stew. Oh, and watching a wonderful rendition of "Cats" (see the last link.) Have a great Labor Day weekend!

Quick, Write This Down: Notebook Maker Moleskine Goes From Analog to Digital, Fast Company. Even Moleskine is moving over to digital through a recent partnership with Evernote. I’m excited to see where these guys take this! – Annie

Campbell's Soup Pays Homage to Andy Warhol, Gets All Artsy, The Daily Meal. Campbell's Soup Paying Homage to Andy Warhol, The Daily Meal – While I do love the classic Campbell cans, I am excited to check out the four Warhol inspired cans that will be available at Target this weekend (September 2). With the colorful limited edition Tomato Soup cans being sold at just $0.75 a can,  I predict some Pinterest projects to come from this release. – Chelsey

Where to Eat and Drink Global in Portland, OregonBon Appetit. Four words: Burmese red pork stew. Worth the trip alone. Portland has become a fun date night location for my wife and me, and here are some new spots we'll be trying. – Scott 

Flight of the Conchords - Feel Inside (and stuff like that), YouTube. My attention span for a YouTube video is usually about three minutes maximum. So you know that this Flight of the Conchords video about making a charity song for kids (including interviewing the kids to determine the lyrics) is a winner since it’s 14 minutes long and I watched every second. – Lisa

Office in the sky, China Daily. We have often joked here at Curator HQ that we need a rooftop office to soak up all 19 days of the summer sun, but a mall in China is taking this idea seriously. It’s a little odd to me that the architects chose such a suburban “Truman Show” look, but maybe they were shooting for an extreme juxtaposition. Whatever the look, it’s still a brilliant use of space. – Matthew

The Invisible Bicycle Helmet, Vimeo. “We’re changing the paradigm!” How many new business meetings have you been in where a potential client uttered that phrase? For the women who designed the invisible bicycle helmet, no truer words could be said about their invention. Seven years of research produced something pretty amazing. I dare you to watch. Does the final product surprise you, too? – Ann Marie

Hansen’s NBA arena group buys another Sodo property, the Showbox, Puget Sound Business Journal and Glass Distillery, Facebook. My link this week is to a story in the PSBJ about Chris Hansen buying up all the property for a potential NBA arena in the SODO district. His two newest acquisitions bookend our client, Glass Distillery, which is literally sandwiched between what he now owns.  We’re working with Glass to make sure they’re prepared for some media attention when Hansen comes calling. You can also check out pictures of the distillery at the second link. – Dan

Villa Del Malmar at the Islands of Loreto, Go Mexico. Scott and I just returned from visiting a new client, Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto in Loreto, Mexico. It was a spectacular property in the middle of nowhere, which is part of the appeal. Instead of the bustling, party towns of Cabo or Cancun, Loreto is a quiet region that focuses on nature and adventure activities rather than tequila shots and all-night parties. Just perfect for the traveler who is looking for some quiet relaxation while taking advantage of the most beautiful and abundant natural resources. And, as a bonus, after being entertained by the staff with a dinnertime rendition of CATS and other Broadway musicals, I wanted to share this with you. It’s a catchy tune, isn’t it? We’ve been humming it to ourselves for days. – Julia