The Curator's News Feed: July 27, 2012

Olympic Mascots

We've got Olympic fever here at Curator HQ. Although those mascots are pretty on for mashed potatoes in a Slurpee cup, Nicolas Cage in a job application and Beyonce as a regular ugly person.

Side by Side: Can Film Survive Digital?, Having done a lot of video work lately (using digital technology) lately for a series of LiveLifeLocal videos for Safeco Insurance, the concept of this movie is really interesting to me. – Dan

Nic Cage Photo: No Substitute for Résumé, Wall Street Journal. Reading this may make you feel a little bit better about any mistakes you've made lately. – Megan K

Portland-themed restaurant opens in Vancouver, B.C., The Oregonian. First there was Portlandia, and then Portland chefs started opening up outposts in New York. I guess it was only a matter of time before a Portland-themed restaurant arrived. Portland Craft, in Vancouver, BC (which you’d think would be farm-to-table/locavore enough in its own right) is “inspired by the Portland food scene.” Portland – so hot right now. – Lisa 

London Olympics: Making Sport of Mascots Wenlock, Mandeville, LA Times. Given that today marks the Opening Ceremonies for the London 2012 Olympic Games, my guess is that most people will be reading and posting quite a bit about the upcoming athletic events. But, in addition to the thousands of athletes from around the world, there are some other stars in our midst that are worth paying attention to. Yep, you guessed it, Wenlock and Mandeville – the two completely creepy and utterly bizarre mascots selected for this year’s summer games. Maybe it was a well-calculated marketing choice knowing how much attention these creatures would garner. But, I’m not exactly sure it was the image of London to the rest of the world. Despite all of that, I can’t wait for the games to kick off this week! It’s always completely inspiring to witness the level of talent and commitment from so many individuals. And, being a Portland Pilot myself, I have to show a little school pride and congratulate the four Pilots competing in London! Note too shabby for a small school, and it’s two links in one week! – Annie  

7-11 Now Serves Mashed Potatoes Like a Slurpee, Gizmodo. We had a great meeting last week with the marketing team from RootMetrics. It’s always so productive to bring clients to our offices for these face-to-face strategy sessions. We talked about cool product developments on the horizon, ideas to continue to engage brand loyalists via social media channels…and Mashed Potato Slurpees from 7-11. This is real, people! Personally, I like Coca-Cola Slurpees, but I can’t say I’m not intrigued. Slurpee Trivia: Every year, enough Slurpees are sold to fill up 12 Olympic-sized swimming pools. – Ann Marie

How to Properly Use Sunscreen, Cool Infographics. I really, really love infographics – I know personally when I look at data visually I can retain stats and other quick facts so much faster than reading them in a block of text. So, in the spirit of this beautiful weather Seattle is finally seeing, I thought this infographic about sunscreen was most appropriate to share. I think most of us see the sun come out and want to run outside and soak it up before the rain returns (at least I do!), so hopefully some of these factoids will resonate a little better and remind us all to lather up before enjoying those wonderful but dangerous rays! – Chelsey

21st century internet. Finally, Fast Company. For those of you who are frustrated with your new computer that seems equally slow as your old one online, (which is everyone with a post millennial machine) help is on the way. Google, once again, is changing the way we think about internet. And by the time they’re done, they’ll change the way every internet provider in the country does business. – Matthew   

What Jennifer Aniston And Beyonce Would Look Like As Ugly Regular People, Fast Company. Happy Friday. Here’s the Facebook page that goes along with this gem. – Julia