The Curator's News Feed: June 22, 2012

We're celebrating the first official weekend of summer by lusting after Cannes Lions from afar, roping cattle in Dallas and sniffing the air for the scent of cotton candy.

Why Women Still Can’t Have it AllThe Atlantic. I have an amazing family and a career I love. I hate to hear that women can’t conquer the world, but it’s an ongoing struggle for me to figure out how to be the best parent and professional I can be. I was skeptical when I saw The Atlantic’s “Why Women Still Can’t Have It All” story being posted all over Facebook (79,000 “recommends” and counting), but I went ahead and took a look. Once I finished, I also “recommended” it. I applaud Anne-Marie Slaughter’s candor, and appreciate the respect she gives women who choose to raise a family, pursue a career or tackle both. And I wholeheartedly agree that it would be incredibly positive to see more women in leadership positions across every field. - Ann Marie

Cowtown Coliseum. This week, I find myself in Dallas/Ft. Worth for our client, Safeco Insurance, filming our third video for LiveLifeLocal. Someone out there posted the Ft. Worth Stock Yards and the Saturday night rodeo as a place and activity we needed to check out…and we agreed. So if you want a preview of our next LiveLifeLocal video, check out the link above. – Dan

N.J. state fair rolls out billboard trucks for scent marketing campaign with whiff of cotton candy, Boston Herald. Scentvertising has come to the New Jersey State Fair, and tomorrow the cotton-candy trucks will roll out to attract the masses. I have seen some far-fetched attempts at scented toilet paper, laptops, shoes, e-books, and bus shelters, but I think in this case, the aroma of the pink and fluffy treat may just unlock the right amount of nostalgia to bring a past fair-goer back to the source. We will see what Jersey thinks soon. – Megan K

2012 Cannes Lions, Mashable. The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity is taking place this week in the south of France and Mashable (via SapientNitro) has some interesting infographics that detail the history of the festival, give a year-to-year festival comparison, and offer a breakdown of the digital engagement that’s surrounding the event. Check out these links to see what the #CannesLions chatter is all about! – Megan A

Stodgy brands rethinking creative, Adage. With Cannes Lions taking place this week (which amounts to a creative exhibition for those of us monitoring from afar) it’s hard to make time to read about much else. The festival is, of course, somewhat dominated by giants, but it’s great to see some of them embracing make-or-break creativity that you usually only find in smaller, scrappy brands. – Matthew

The New York Times Profiled the Brant Brothers Because the New York Times Hates You, Gawker. I love reading the ridiculous profiles and trend stories in the New York Times Style section, almost as much as I love reading the Fire Joe Morgan-style takedowns of them by outlets like Gawker: “At this point, it feels as if the Times is going out of its way to troll us all.” It might be the only logical explanation. – Lisa 

How Augmented Reality Is Shaping the Future of Retail, Mashable. We think a lot about the future of retail and general consumer behavior here at Curator because it encompasses almost (if not all) of our clients. One trend that keeps coming up as the next “big thing” is augmented reality. While the technology is still young, it seems to be making headway. This article talks about a couple of companies who are doing some pretty cool things. I think being able to try on a necklace that you find online while sitting in your living room is great. Hanging with a pop-up, “live” version of Brooklyn Decker in the Barnes & Noble magazine aisle? Jury’s still out… - Julia

Jacques Pepin Cooking Videos, FOOD & WINE. I had the pleasure of going to the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen last week and it was, as usual, nothing short of extraordinary. If you're a food lover, it's truly a three-day paradise where you can see and interact with food legends, today's hottest stars, and up-and-comers. It's wonderful. We were there launching our Glass Distillery client's new vodka brand - Glass Vodka - in Access House, the after-party location where the chefs hang out to get away from the crowds. It was phenomenal to spend casual time with stars like Bobby Flay, Rick Bayless and Marcus Samuelsson, among others, though I still find myself enamored with cooking legend Jacques Pepin. He's humble and kind and a true master. These are a series of videos where he shares tips and techniques honed over a career where he's cooked eight hours a day, six days a week for the last 40 years. If you love to cook, these are a must-watch. – Scott