The Curator’s News Feed: June 8, 2012

We have a new client, Glass Distillery, launching today, so you'll see a few links on that topic below. We're also reading about the business of blogging and a fascinating new GQ-Nordstrom partnership.

To Pay or Not to Pay: A Closer Look at the Business of Blogging, WWD. At Curator, we work with bloggers every day and for every one of our clients. We believe that good bloggers can be incredible influencers. This article takes a close look at how brands are working with fashion bloggers – from advertising relationships to editorial coverage, and a murky area in between. The details on how much brands are willing to pay was fascinating! – Ann Marie

Glass Distillery. The Curator team designed, built and launched this site this week, along with their Twitter (@glassdistillery) and Facebook pages. Today, we launch the brand to the world with a media preview event and then a seven-hour launch party complete with three bands and a guy playing a trumpet set on fire. – Dan

avocado, caramelized onion & brie quesadillas, Love In Spoonfuls. Do you know what you’re making for dinner tonight? I appreciate the “Food & Drink” section of Pinterest on days when I need a little inspiration. A few simple clicks on the site have directed me to mouth-watering concoctions on many an occasion. Hence, my link this week is dedicated to my love of three things: avocado, caramelized onions and brie cheese. Behold these simple yet delectable quesadillas. I experimented with these for some roommates the other night and was accordingly awarded ‘best cook of the week’ award. Just sharing the wealth!  - Megan K

'GQ,' Nordstrom Team For E-commerce, MediaDailyNews. I like this type of old media/new media, offline/online partnership a lot – works well for both brands, especially in this case. For now it looks like they are keeping the curation process purely in the hands of the GQ editors. An interesting next step would be to allow GQ readers to curate the in-store looks through their votes.  – Scott

Glass Mule, Glass Distillery. Our client, Glass Distillery, launches their flagship spirit, Glass Vodka, today and everyone here at the office is excited to celebrate at the launch party tonight. This is a link to one of the drinks that will be served during the festivities, but check out the website for a lot of other recipe inspiration! – Megan A

Graduation 2012 Remarks. I graduated from my master’s program yesterday. In a total downpour. It rained so hard that our program director, Hanson Hosein, chose to spare us from standing out in the storm, Tweeting and Facebooking out his planned remarks instead of delivering them from the stage. Honestly, given how many people were on their smartphones during the ceremony, they probably got a bigger audience that way! Joking aside, his speech captures how awesome my graduate program is, how many opportunities it afforded me and how much I’ve learned in the last two years about the present and future of digital media. – Lisa 

Tactile touchscreen, PSFK. As someone who tends to be a bit nostalgic about the past, I always get excited when technology brings a bit of the past into the 21st century. Ask any Blackberry user why they shun the iPhone, and the physical keyboard is always the number one reason. (Arguable it’s the only reason, but I digress...) A new development by Tactus Technology may give those Blackberry users (all seven of them) the tactile gratification they want, without being confined to tiny screen or slide out keyboards. The touchscreens they are developing create transparent buttons that raise from the surface to produce a tactile experience while typing, and then drop back down when not in use. – Matthew 

Top 100 Bay Area Restaurants, San Francisco Chronicle. I’m heading to San Francisco this weekend and cannot wait for the amazing restaurants that are all over that city! Here is the list I’m looking through to pick our favorites. So many to try! - Julia