The Curator’s News Feed: September 14, 2012

Thank You Chris Hansen

It’s been a busy and spirited week here at Curator and we are so excited to share the continued growth of our Thank You Chris Hansen campaign that launched this week! And of course, we also want to make sure you are caught up on all of the fun reads we found this week, including Katy Perry taking over LinkedIn and James Bond becoming a beer drinker. Happy Friday!

Thank You Chris Hansen,, We at Curator are huge basketball fans, so when we heard that Chris Hansen offered to buy everyone who supported bringing the Sonics back a beer we knew we had to do something. We decided to turn the sentiment around. By building a platform for the community to share a heartfelt thanks, we built out a visual wall of gratitude for Chris. A little thanks for such a huge effort. Curator turned the platform around in less than 24hrs, concept to launch, knowing we had to capitalize on the timing and sentiment. The response has been overwhelming, forcing us to upgrade servers Wednesday night to handle the 300k+ social impressions we garnered in less than 48hrs. But the real story was best illustrated last night. Moments like when I got to introduce myself to Chris Hansen and he said how much the site meant to him, especially the pics of kids and their messages. And the death grip Slick Watts had on our developer when he found out who he was. And the hoards of people asking for the thank you flyers last night. So thanks Chris. – Shawn

Simplicity, Consistency and Social Media – How To Brand Your Small Business, Media Bistro. AllTwitter posted a really great info graphic from earlier this week about how to brand a small business. Don't get fooled by the small business part — there are great tips in there for everyone from individuals to big companies. One of the main points it hammers on is consistency: "Your consumer should encounter the same aesthetic online or in store." Check it out! – Paul

Camera Accessory Falls From 105,000 Feet, Seattle PI. Not a bad way to generate some buzz for your product…even if it can’t survive a 105,000-foot fall. – Dan

“Project Katy” (Perry),Wired. In our office, we’ve instated “Katy Perry Fridays” where we set the Pandora station to Katy Perry for an upbeat finish to the week - much to the dismay of some (Shawn, Matthew….). Now it looks like we’re not the only ones drawing inspiration from the pop star. LinkedIn is in the process of a complete redesign of their user experience, inspired by – and named after – none other than Katy herself. #KatysTakingOverTheWorld – Julia

Heineken Stirs Debate with Bond Placement, Financial Times. Admittedly, I have never seen a James Bond film, but I can still appreciate the upset of Bond fans over the character’s traditional drink (a martini?) being replaced with a good ‘ol Heineken. I think this Tweet really says it all: “The names Bond, James Bond. Can I have a pint of Heineken?” – Chelsey

An exclusive brand of mustard?, Mashable. There are certain brands that carry an inherent air exclusivity – Bentley, Learjet, Rolex, etc. – but you don’t really think of mustard, no matter the brand, as an exclusive product. Grey Poupon is trying to change that perception by making Facebook fans apply for entry to the page. Anyone can like the page, but those who don’t apply first will be summarily booted. It’s a risky move, but certainly well thought out. I can’t help but respect the gamble. – Matthew

How many calories is that?, Wall Street Journal. More and more restaurants are displaying calorie counts on their menu boards and fast-food king, McDonald’s is the first fast food corporation to do so nationwide. Now when you order that Big Mac and fries, you’ll know exactly how many calories you’re consuming. My question is, will this cause customers to make healthier choices? As a conscious eater, I will say that menus with calorie counts definitely influence my ordering decisions. – Johanna