7 Blogs Millennials Read

"Millennial" seems to be an ubiquitous buzzword these days. But what does it really mean? And who are these millennials? Why should you care? Screen-shot-2012-01-31-at-9.22.00-AM-300x241

A millennial is defined as an individual  aged anywhere from 18-34 years old. There are approximately 76 million millennials in the US. About 40 percent of millennials are African American, Latino, Asian, or of a racially-mixed background.

For marketers, millennials are an attractive group for targeting. Why? For starters, they're currently estimated at $1.3 trillion worth of spending power, which will only increase. And, by the year 2030, they are projected to out-number non-millennials. Incidentally, millennials are the largest and most influential generation of consumers we've ever seen.

If you're a marketer, too, you probably know all this. You're already tracking the changing media consumption habits of millennials. Here's a sampling of some of the outlets we've found that millennials enjoy frequenting, and why.

1. Quarterlette: This online community aimed at twenty-something women to commiserate over the trials and tribulations of post-grad life covers love, career, fashion and inspiration in an inspiring and down-to-earth tone. Sample post: Why Contentment is Enough Right Now.

2. theSkimm: On the one hand, non-millennials may frown upon this one and chalk it up to the short and ever-changing attention spans of the younger set, but theSkimm might just have tapped into a direct way to break through the clutter and deliver the important stuff: keeping it simple. Like, really simple. The idea: the daily e-newsletter curates news stories and delivers them in the shortest amount of characters and most conversational voice. Sample post: May 5, 2014.

3. The Everygirl: A lifestyle and career-focused blog for women, a self-proclaimed "roadmap for every girl everywhere." Sample post: 5 Tips for Starting a Business.

4. Sosh: I've said it once and I'll say it again: Sosh is a great site. Think of it as your weekend, happy-hour, date night, all-things-otherwise social planner. Sample post: An Italian Brunch to Honor Your Madre.

5. Hello Giggles: This blog comes from Zooey Deschanel. This blog comes from Zooey Deschanel. What else do you need to know? Sample post: How Not to Be Offensive on Cinco de Mayo.

6. Kicker: Kicker's manifesto is about knowledge + power. This news source is about getting millennials up to speed on what's happening in the world, and how they can take action. Sample Post: Earn Minimum Wage? No Raise for You Yet.

7. BuzzFeed: This darling of social media, memes, and quizzes is also starting to make a name for itself when it comes to hard news. In case you weren't aware, this is basically every millennials favorite guilty pleasure, and the folks at BuzzFeed are working to keep their readers sticking around after they peruse through Proof that Drake Was the Cutest Little Boy in the World, with stories like The LGBT Refugees Who Are Seeking Asylum in the World's Most Notoriously Anti-Gay Country, and Supreme Court Upholds Prayer at New York Town's Monthly Meetings.

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