High Tide Raises All Boats

Curator seminar series

We completed our first international seminar in Mexico this week – Small Budget, Big Results.  I loved the makeup of participants in the room.  We had everyone from hotel PR people, restaurant owners, travel agents to just pure social media enthusiasts.  The seminar was in Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, and by way of full disclosure, we represent the region’s tourism board where we’re partnered with DDB to develop a brand campaign for the region as well as producing the Food & Wine Festival in Ixtapa Zihuatanejo with FOOD & WINE Magazine in March of next year.   But here’s what I loved the most.  Question after question centered on strategies they could each be doing to raise awareness – not solely of their brand – but of the region.  It was refreshingly ego-less.  We brainstormed as a group ways they could support each other to:

  • Amplify their social media presence as a group
  • Create a level of cohesion but also support their individual brands
  • Curate the experience of their region for a potential traveler


A high tide raises all boats, indeed.