March Blogging Madness Goal: Achieved!


On March 1, we announced we were endeavoring to blog here every single day for a month. Even on weekends. Well, we did it! Ever since that month ended, we've been going strong, (but taking most weekends off), and we're loving the benefits of keeping a constant stream of content to deliver to our readers. Along the way, we blogged about agency interview questions, visual social media, inspiration for digital coming from tangible, pulling off the perfect party, and more. Today, we celebrated achieving our blogging goal with a team lunch at nearby Elysian Fields.

The fun doesn't stop here, though. We mentioned Curator's Vision for 2014 in our kick-off post. We're still committed to bringing you original blog posts each week, including our hallmark links of the week post on Fridays. We've been delighted to hear feedback from readers on our posts, and to have the opportunity to strike up a conversation on social or in person with brands and people we write about and admire.

Some of the team members have summarized key learnings from the blog challenge exercise below:

"The blogging challenge reminded me how much I miss blogging in general! While at times it was hard to think of a topic, I enjoyed sharing my tips and love for Jimmy Fallon with our readers. I think this might inspire another blogging challenge for my own personal blog. #fingerscrossed"

"We work with bloggers a lot on behalf of our clients and I don't think you can truly understand and appreciate the time that goes into creating new, different and read-worthy content on a daily or even weekly basis. It really isn't as easy as it looks!"

"We all kept on top of the calendar to remind each other and help one another brainstorm in order to pull this thing off. In the process, I think we got more efficient in crafting blog posts and realized it's not so scary. I know I personally am always seeking out ideas from the conversations I have, articles I read, and observations I make for my next blog post. Inspiration comes from the most unlikely places sometimes."

We thank you for following along on our journey and hope you'll continue to do so. Cheers!