Trading Raincoats for Tank Tops

This weekend I’ll be heading off to Austin, TX for Whole Foods Market’s annual PR Summit. I’m struggling to decide what I’m most excited about – the fact that I’ll be able to see the sun again and enjoy some 80-degree weather? Or, that I’ll finally have the chance to see the original Whole Foods Market? I get giddy just thinking about it! But, ultimately what I’m most excited about is the opportunity to learn best practices, insight on how to tackle PR challenges, and immerse myself even more into the Whole Foods Market brand. This is what the PR Summit is all about and is a chance for PR and marketing professionals from all different regions learn from one another.

In preparation for the Summit, we also had the opportunity to highlight some of our best campaigns from this past year. It was incredibly insightful to get a glimpse into the successes others had across the U.S. But, we were also proud to share some of our own work (see to support the recent vote on Initiative 522 here in Washington State.

If you want to learn more about the campaign, check out our case study here for some of the highlights.


I’ll be sharing key learnings from the PR Summit in next month’s post. But, if you want to check in on my Austin journey along the way, be sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram @CuratorPR.