Curator News Feed: August 9, 2013

We've got a little bit of everything this week--from shark attack suits to the latest Mumford and Sons music video, plus some new social media news that we're kind of geeking out about (what else is new?). Happy Friday, all!

Credit: Fast Company

Facebook Rolls Out New Story ‘Bumping’ FeaturePR Daily. We’ve seen Facebook struggle to remain relevant in the midst of new social platforms coming into play now more than ever before. According to PR Daily, one way to appeal to their audience is to update what users see in their newsfeed. This week’s latest Facebook announcement shares that now Facebook will be “bumping” old content to the top of news feeds. The change could have a fairly dramatic impact on sponsored posts if it means that non-sponsored posts will actually gain more visibility. The remedy for this from PR Daily? Keep producing quality content and it will always beat out the rest of the Facebook noise. -- Annie

Mumford and Sons stand in performers, Mashable. What do you get when you combine great music with great comedy? This music video. I won’t spoil the surprise by going into detail here, but suffice it to say, if you like Mumford and Sons and SNL (and what’s wrong with you if you don’t?), this music video will make your day. -- Matthew

Twitter Partners with Datalogix to Track When Tweets Lead to Offline Sales, TechCrunch. Quantifying fast and hard ROI from a single Tweet or Facebook post is a constant stumbling block for a lot of brands on social media. Finally, we may have the answers we've been looking for. My favorite fact from this article: "Brands’ organic tweets drive sales. There was an 8 percent sales lift among users who saw a brand’s organic (i.e. unpaid) tweets versus those who didn’t, and the lift was three times greater if they saw five or more organic tweets." -- Megan

Announcing Instagram 4.1, Instagram Blog. Instagram announced big news this week with an app changing feature for allowing media uploads for video. This change opens up endless possibilities for existing users and brands to utilize video more. Some concerns might be is to whether this will turn Instagram into just a media outlet rather than a place of creativity? Or better yet, what feature do you think Vine will come out with next to compete? -- Brooke

Can this Surf Gear Prevent Shark Attacks?, Co.Design. Besides deterring Jaws, I think these wetsuit and surf boards designs are pretty cool. I wonder if wearing one while watching Shark Week from my couch will make me less scared. -- Maria

Why Amazon’s Jeff Bezos Bought the Washington Post, The Week.  I have long revered the Washington Post. Growing up, Katharine Graham, Bob Woodward and Carl Berstein were heroes in my eyes. This week, I was completely surprised to read the news that Jeff Bezos purchased the D.C. institution. I’ve read almost everything I can get my hands on to understand what the heck is going on. This was a great article sharing five credible theories behind the buy. Based on the letter Bezos wrote to Washington Post employees, I think big things are on the horizon. He writes, “Our touchstone will be readers, understanding what they care about – government, local leaders, restaurant openings, scout troops, businesses, charities, governors, sports – and working backwards from there.” -- Ann Marie

5 Startup Founders Reveal Their Best Company Culture Tips, Mashable. Here at Curator we understand the importance of having a strong and thriving culture. Ours is much like a family, with established traditions and shared values that we all contribute to. As we continue to grow and evolve in our work, that brings opportunity to reflect on where we've been and reevaluate where we'd like to keep heading. I really enjoyed reading this article because I think we can always learn from others' experiences and I love that some of our cultural foundation is shared with other brads and companies that we admire. What's your favorite takeaway from these culture tips? -- Chelsey