Pinterest: Social Commerce Powerhouse


One of the most exciting things about burgeoning social media sites is that we get to really dive into the implications of their use and help our clients decide whether they should engage there. As Pinterest continues to build its user base, (they crossed the 10 million unique visits per-month mark earlier this year – the fastest to reach this number in history) more brands are seeing the value of connecting with the public in this space.

One of the key metrics we look at with social media sites is engagement, a measure that is important to help distinguish “fans and followers” from true brand advocates. I’m sure you all have brands that you follow that fall into one of these categories. You may “like” Nike on Facebook, but when was the last time you noticed an update in your feed or commented on a post? In contrast, you may have favorite brands, like West Elm, that you engage with (and even promote) regularly.

The interesting thing about Pinterest is that it seems to have its own rules of engagement. In a recent Forbes article, the author explores a study that suggests Pinterest users are less engaged with brands than Facebook users, yet Pinterest manages to drive more traffic, influence more sales and encourage the purchase of high priced items.

So does this mean brands, particularly retail brands, can abandon mainstay social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter? After all, aren’t traffic and sales both the goal and true measure of success for a brand’s social media plan? While there is nothing wrong with boosting the bottom line with social media, don’t let a sale today distract from the value that relationship building can have on your brand’s success tomorrow. Social media is about connecting with people, and more importantly, about people’s ability to connect with you. My advice? Add Pinterest to your social media plan, but don’t abandon your fans on platforms where they are already engaging with you.

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