Social Notes For Your Valentine

If you’re stressed about what to say to your Valentine, we have you covered. Simply copy and paste one of these quick social media status updates and you’ve got a sweet love note in less than 140 characters!15-Like

GOOGLE PLUS +1 Add Valentine Hangout tonight? Your place and mine. I love you like Google employees love Google + Will you be my +1?

FOURSQUARE You're the Mayor of my heart I’d check-in wherever you are I love you more than all the Foursquare badges in the world

INSTAGRAM You take my filter away You would look good with #nofilter Girl, you don’t need an Instagram filter. {Attach Ryan Gosling photo} Double tap if you’ll go to dinner with me

SNAPCHAT I wish I had you for more than 10 seconds. Send me your snapchat again, I want to screenshot you. We go together like selfies and snapchat.

FACEBOOK I Like you, but I don't wanna share you with anybody. How about you and I go somewhere quiet, like Google+? You always know how to brighten my newsfeed. I love you so much, you made my profile picture.

TWITTER #Will #you #be #a #valentine? #please #say #yes In my heart you'll always be trending Let's take this convo to DM.

PINTEREST Pin me, I’m yours! I’d pin that!

VINE 6 seconds with you is better than 15 seconds with anyone else.