The Curator News Feed: February 8, 2013

This week we found out what the most book friendly burb in the U.S. is, saw a crazy graphic showing how complicated social media marketing is, discovered some creative ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day and more! See for yourself and checkout everything else we were reading about in this week’s link roundup! Happy Friday!

Bucatini Alla Amatriciana, The Seasonal Gourmet. It's been a long, hard, great week.  One of my favorite ways to wind down on the weekend is to cook.  This will be a comfort food weekend and since my daughter will be at a camp tonight and tomorrow, I'm planning on making her (okay, maybe mine too) favorite comfort food on Sunday: bucatini alla amatriciana.  It's a spicy red sauce with pancetta and it's wonderful. Enjoy the weekend. – Scott

Dannijo Sells Jewelry and a Lifestyle a Picture at a Time, NY Times. This is a great example of selling a lifestyle versus selling a specific product and in turn, selling more of the product. The ladies of jewelry line, Dannijo, have done a great job harnessing the power of social media and really tapping into the notion that if they make people want to live like them, then naturally, people will want to wear their jewelry. – Julia

This INSANE Graphic Shows How Ludicrously Complicated Social Media Marketing Is Right Now, BusinessInsider. Do you ever feel like the barrier to entry for a lot of social media sites is just too high? Like there are a million apps and plugins and third-party clients, and how do people even keep track of this stuff? This graphic illustrates that feeling perfectly. It also inadvertently illustrates a lot of what we do from a social media standpoint here at Curator — study this stuff, know it and know which combinations of apps are best on a case-by-case basis. – Paul

Capital Letters DC Named Most Book Friendly Burb in the U.S., Entertainment Time. In this day and age of technology in every aspect of our lives and the need to have our half-dozen devices (mobile phone, tablet, eBook reader, laptop, etc.) all within arm’s length, it’s good to know that our hometown still loves its books. Not 140-character bursts, status updates or blogs, but real, honest-to-goodness books. – Dan

7 Web Ways to Show Someone You Care, Mashable. Most people wouldn't look to Mashable for Valentine's Day tips, but everyone's favorite social media news website came up with some pretty creative and digitally savvy ways to create some romance next week on V-day. The Lovestagram app is definitely the best one in the bunch. – Maria

Marc Jacobs New Creative Director for Diet Coke, NY Daily News. Designing for his own clothing line and residing at the helm of Louis Vuitton wasn't enough for Marc Jacobs as he recently added creative director for Coca-Cola's Diet Coke line in 2013 to his resume. Look for redesigned cans to be unveiled at the end of this month. Jean-Paul Gaultier and Karl Lagerfield held the position in 2012 and 2011 respectively. – Jennifer

Incredible London 2012 Olympics photos by David Burnett, In today's instagram culture it is always exciting to see examples of current events photography taken with by-gone technology. These 4x5 shots are only a third of what he's captured – and they are simply amazing. – Shawn

Facebook Deal to Buy Microsoft’s Atlas Coming as Soon as Next Week, Ad Age. More news in the worlds of Microsoft and Facebook this week. But, this may be something to keep our eyes on as next week approaches. As Ad Age reports, Facebook is anticipated to purchase Microsoft’s Atlas ad-serving business for around $30-$50 million. What does this all mean? It means Facebook clearly has plans to step up their game in the advertising world, becoming an even bigger player than they currently are. The article claims that the company is looking to build a set of digital advertising technologies that will rival Google. The deal could come as early as next week, so keep watch! – Annie