The Curator News Feed: January 11, 2013

Another great week has flown by and it’s time for our Friday link roundup!

This week we are also very excited to share a new website we created with the talented folks from Cole & Weber United in celebration of our Seattle Seahawks playing in a second Playoff game this Sunday against the Atlanta Falcons: The site pulls tweets and Instagrams using the hashtag #voiceofthe12thman and will be streamed live on a mobile digital billboard outside of the Hawks’ hotel and at the game in Atlanta. So, from all of us here at Curator, have a great weekend and GO HAWKS! – Scott

At Disney Parks, a Bracelet Meant to Build Loyalty (and Sales), NY Times. Disney plans to begin introducing MyMagic+, a vacation management system that will change the way Disney World guests visit the theme park. A rubber bracelet encoded with credit card information will allow guests to purchase everything from a personalized, souvenir hat to a churro with the tap of a wrist. Little to no lines, happy guests and a whole lot more spending is what Disney officials are banking on. MyMagic+ will also allow Disney to track guest behavior, for the first time, in minute detail. – Jennifer

There Are 181,000 Social Media 'Gurus,' 'Ninjas,' 'Masters,' and 'Mavens' on Twitter, AdAge. Before you spend too much time thinking up a title for yourself, consider some of the numbers cited at the link: There are 21,928 "mavens;" 18,363 "gurus;" and 21,876 "ninjas." There are also hundreds of "warriors" and "freaks," and I have no idea what any of those things mean. You know what I think is going to be the hot thing in 2013? Giving yourself a title that's straightforward and reflects what you actually do. Like "social media butler." – Paul

Your First Screen Names, Illustrated, Mashable. Remember your first screen name? It probably had nothing to do with your actual name. Neither do the ones illustrated in this article. This is perfect for a Friday laugh. – Maria

NYT Dismantles Environment, Huffington Post. Sad. Clearly, the environment is still a concern in our world and reporting on it will still be done, but the financial environment seems to have pushed the New York Times to make this decision… – Dan

#Voiceofthe12thman Tweet from Bill Wixey / Q13 Fox, Twitter. – GO HAWKS! Enough said for this week. – Annie

Crowd sourcing local knowledge, PSFK. One of the reasons I love the concept of Couch Surfing, is that it empowers the traveler by giving them direct access to local knowledge. London is a wonderful place to visit, but it’s even more amazing if you can harness the insider knowledge of a resident. Obviously, staying with strangers when you travel is not for everyone, so I love the thinking behind Rennaissance Hotels Navigator program. By tapping into the knowledge of locals, Rennaissance hopes to give its guests a memorable experience beyond the hotel doors. – Matthew

Road Trip Dining Journal, My Cooking Diary. This week I stumbled upon My Cooking Diary, a blog put together by a SF-based graphic designer, Sharon Hwang. The photography is beautiful, but what I find most interesting are the illustrations. I was mesmerized by this particular journal entry, with drawings of every single meal Sharon enjoyed during a 9-day road trip from Vancouver BC to SF. – Ann Marie