The Curator’s News Feed: October 26, 2012

LG Elevator

Some our favorite news highlights this week included Instagram menus, IKEA’s floating market and LG’s terror elevator. Check out what else the Curator team was talking about this week:

New York Restaurant Launches Hip Instagram Menu, USA Today. We do a lot of work with reporters and bloggers in the food space. And the common ritual you see when the food comes out is everyone pulling out their phones to snap and post pics of what they're eating.  This is such a smart insight on the restaurant's part.  Love this idea! – Scott

Harrods Opens Virtual Store Touting Haute Juniors Fashion on Stardoll, Brand Channel. The famous department store announced its partnership with social network Stardoll this week. Stardoll is an online community for girls where you can create an Avatar, shop, decorate your home and more. The addition of Harrods allows Stardoll users to shop for actual replicas of designer clothing and make a Harrods mood board. An interesting move for Harrods, but also a genius way to get real merchandise in front of the junior audience who shops there. – Chelsey

LG Electronics Terror Elevator Ad Goes Viral, ABC News. LG launched a brilliant ad campaign to demonstrate the life-like clarity and color of their new monitors. The company replaced an elevator floor with its new screens that gave the illusion that the floor was falling beneath the passengers’ feet. Simply watch the reactions in this video and it’s easy to see I think LG got their point across – and a viral video out of the mix! Love this. – Annie

IKEA Launches its New Collection on a Floating Market, PSFK. I’m always impressed with IKEA’s creativity when introducing new collections season after season (after season). This recent launch was no exception. For one day only, the retailer set up a colorful, floating night market in London’s Regent Canal. Invited guests were treated to a boat trip through the canal, where they browsed boats chocked full of colorful products. The photos and video on this post are a feast for the eyes. – Ann Marie

America's Haunted Cities, USA Today. With Halloween less than a week away, I have begun to feel a little creeped out! For many people, this holiday is just an excuse to dress –up, eat candy or attend parties. However for some, it’s a chance to get totally spooked out. Here’s a look at America’s ten most haunted cities. — Johanna

The Truth Needle, Seattle Times. Last week, I posted about the Seattle Times’ decision to start running political ads bought and paid for by the Seattle Times. In other words, they moved their opinion off of the opinion pages and into advertising…advertising created by them and not the candidates or positions they supported. I wondered aloud how this would impact their ability to be seen as an objective news source. Well, this week’s link goes to that very point…it’s an article in the Seattle Times written by its own reporters exposing “mis-truths” in the Times’ own ad. Time to rethink this strategy, methinks. – Dan