What Do Your Recently Used Emojis Say About You?

Did you hear? NEW EMOJIS ARE COMING! By the excitement I experienced last night when the news broke, I’d have to consider myself an emoji enthusiast. I still remember when over 2 years ago the newest iOS update added the wine glass emoji (insert hand praise here). With my recently used emojis below you could come to the conclusion that I enjoy wine, rooted for USA during the World Cup yesterday and with the positive hand gestures received some happy news. What do your recently used emojis say about you? Brooke

Chelsey- A thumbs up is a simpler way to say "You got it."


Annie- Excuse her lack of emoji enthusiasm, she just got a new phone!


Paul- Planes, trains and automobiles sums up Paul's productive emoji usage.


Jennifer- My assumption from Jen's emojis is that the snowflake is a reference to Frozen.


Noelle- No question she is enjoying San Diego Summers with the surfer and flowers.


Megan- Her go-to emojis tend to be of the smiley choice.


Colin- During research of this blog post, we learned our intern was not an emoji user. With appropriate force we added the emoji keyboard to his iPhone and Colin sent off his first emojis!