How to Make Instagram's Web Search Work for You

Social media managers did a happy dance when Instagram implemented search functionality for the web. A day in the life of a social media manager involves lots of multi-tasking between your mobile phone and laptop. When you’re working in Excel, responding to e-mails and checking Facebook pages, having to jump to another device can slow down productivity. Here are a few tips to make this new Instagram functionality do some work for you.

Bookmark Brand Locations 

To do social media well, you can’t be selfish and only focus on what you do. Browsing Instagram content that has been tagged with your physical footprint shares tons of insights for your business. Bookmarking these locations in a folder will allow them to be more accessible at a moment's notice. 

Find Brand Advocates Fast

Finding your brand advocates is a social media manager's dream. These wonderful gems make your job easier and help tell your story to their circle of friends. They might not have a blog but they sure are influencing positivity across your brand. Search those location tags to find those already talking about your brand and please, celebrate them!

Discover hashtags 

This is a small but worthy mention. When Instagram allowed hashtag views via desktop, that was a game changer; but now, instead of having to perfectly type in that web address, Instagram will do a smart search for you. It also allows you to do a quick search during that brainstorm meeting to check if your proposed hashtag is being used. Easy campaign tracking on a silver platter. 

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