Curator News Feed: September 20, 2013

If you were too busy playing with the new iOS 7 upgrade on your iPhone this week to dig up some interesting news stories, fear not. Check out our favorites here.


30 Pinners to Follow, 2013 Edition, TIME. TIME shares its 30 Pinners to Follow (2013 Edition). Some are big brands and some are less well known individuals. Many have things we can learn about putting together boards and promoting them. All are worth a peek...and a follow. -- Dan

BBC news presenter Simon McCoy confuses viewers as he 'uses pack of printer paper as iPad' during report, Mirror. Just because this made me laugh, watch this clip of a BBC reporter who totally confused more than a few of his viewers. According to the article, this isn't the first time his peculiar antics have been caught by news cameras. -- Megan

6 Reasons to Upgrade to iOS 7 Right Away and 5 You Shouldn’t, TIME Tech. Whether you're a "techy" or not, the big buzz this weeks seems to be all about iOS 7. As I'm sitting trying to download the update on my own phone, I'm thinking I probably should have read this article first. -- Annie

via SB Nation

Legends Never Die, SB Nation. As a longtime fan of The Sandlot, I loved everything about this! The film recently celebrated its 20th anniversary with a tour that wrapped at Dodger Stadium (where the movie also ends) on September 1st. The whole evening was Sandlot themed, including an on-field screening of the film following the Padres game (awesome), plus a visit from some of the cast and crew. And did I mention they also had S'mores cake? I hope you enjoy this walk down memory lane as much as I did! -- Chelsey

How to Crowdfund Your Personal Life, The Week. With student debt now over $1 trillion nationally and tuition still on the climb, graduates face unprecedented challenges. Namely, a mortgage worth of student debt waiting for them at their most financially vulnerable time of life. Check out this innovate organization that is turning volunteer hours into financial freedom for graduates. -- Matthew

Pinterest Will Start Showing Ads As Traffic Keeps Growing But Shifts to Mobile, TechCrunch. We all knew it was coming eventually: Pinterest is starting to experiment with ads. However, the company promises to keep it tasteful, transparent, relevant, and improved based on users' feedback. Think less banner ad and more promoted post. Will be interesting to watch this game-changing move unfold and to see how Pinners react. -- Megan

Street Art Only Appears During Torrential Downpours, PSFK. It's September in Seattle. The rain is creeping back into our daily lives. I've been looking for an upside to the return of wet weather...and here it is. It could be useful for a covert street art project. -- Ann Marie

via The New York TImes

A More Compact Camper Van, The New York Times. Let's be honest, the phrase "West Coast, Best Coast" is truly justified when referring to road trips. Highway 1 people. We've got the prime location to embark on a road trip anytime we want, and Jucy Rentals just made it simpler. They offer camper vans, with all the amenities, for rent. Move over minty green VW van, there's a new hipster in town. -- Maria

7 Traits of Press Releases That Actually Get Read, PR Daily. A good quick read on 7 traits that will help get your press release read. This is a good reminder of how the small details can make a big difference! I also love this line about imagining your elevator pitch as a Tweet. Keeping it short, sweet and focused can go a long way. -- Noelle