Client Relations

Advancing the Story that “Together, We Save Lives.”

Photo by Kate Hudson

Photo by Kate Hudson

Last week, I supported our client, The Safariland Group, at the Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show and Conference (“SHOT Show”) in Las Vegas – the industry’s largest conference and trade show.

For the past few months, we’ve been working with our client team to prepare to announce new products and strategic partnerships. All of this planning was focused on the company’s motto that, “Together, We Save Lives.”

As a result, The Safariland Group announced 17 new products and partnerships from the all-new Safariland Armor collection to the next generation of body-worn camera technology.

The most meaningful experience, for me, was witnessing a ceremony to honor new inductees into the SAVES Club, a special designation for individuals from law enforcement and military that experienced a life-threating event in which their armor or gear from The Safariland Group contributed to saving their lives.


This presentation involved hearing the stories of the inductees, including two U.S. police officers and an international tactical operations unit. I was impressed and moved by the casual way each shared their experience and the gratitude expressed for the body armor and shields that allowed them to survive.

To date, The Safariland Group SAVES Club includes over 1,930 officers saved. Ultimately, the SAVES Club personifies “Together, We Save Lives.”

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