School Is Out, But Interns Are In

Hello! My name is Kate Stevens and I am a senior at the University of Washington studying Communication as well as Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies. I am looking forward to honing my PR skills by working alongside the Curator team as a summer intern! 

I consider myself to be a passionate storyteller and a constant consumer of media, which is why I am so excited to have the opportunity to explore the PR field further. I blindly entered the world of PR via coursework and quickly found my footing. I was initially attracted by the ever-evolving communications landscape and the opportunity to do what I love most – to write. However, it was the fast pace of agency life with its promise of no two days being alike that captivated me.

My past internship with Barokas PR has offered me valuable knowledge of media relations and the B2B technology sector. It was during this experience that I realized my passion for PR and my interest in pursuing a career in consumer-lifestyle PR. I believe that an internship is the ultimate learning experience, and  I hope to learn a hell of a lot, while making lasting relationships here at Curator.

Outside of the office, you can find me at the outdoor markets shopping for flowers with my dog in tow or at the local coffee shop drinking tea and reading. In my spare time, I enjoy listening to live music and attempting to play the guitar. I also love to be outdoors and plan on spending most weekends this summer hiking and traveling! 

How to Use Your Internship to Develop Your Skills as a Young Professional

I’m not going to lie, being an unpaid intern can be tough, but it’s also the most rewarding part of an education in public relations. It can be difficult on the days where your boss points out a mistake that you’ve made or when you don’t do as great as you had hoped. With that being said, I’ve compiled a list of ways to improve as an intern and maintain confidence on the days where you feel like the worst.  


Mistakes will happen. Own up and learn.

Remember, you’re an intern – your coworkers know you’re new at this. You’re not going to be perfect and you will certainly make mistakes. If there’s any one thing I’ve learned from my internship, being detail-oriented is everything, which means there’s also a lot of room for error. When your boss points out a mistake, don’t respond with an excuse. Instead, apologize, fix them and work to ensure that they won’t happen again. Your boss would much rather you take your time to avoid mistakes than turn in sloppy work. Not to mention, when you catch those mistakes early, you’re less likely to do them again and you won’t feel like you’re struggling down the road.


Ask for criticism.  

Don’t feel like your boss is giving you enough feedback? Ask for some! You should want feedback on all projects during your internship. Constructive criticism helps you grow and better develop the skills needed to excel in your career and, occasionally, life in general. Part of being a good intern is taking initiative and that means knowing what you need to improve on. There is always room for improvement, so figure out where that is. If you want to be the best you can be in your position, then you should constantly be searching for ways to boost your skills.


Take pride in your work.

When your boss tells you that you did a good job, be proud of yourself – even if it’s something small. Just as you should be aware of your weaknesses, you should acknowledge what you do well. Use positive feedback as an opportunity to figure out your strengths and own them!


Treat every project the same.

Every project you touch is a reflection of your work, so do the best you can on everything sent your way. Whether it’s your favorite thing to do or your least favorite, it’s always important. Your team depends upon you and the work you deliver. The media lists I’ve developed during my internship directly affect the team members using those lists to pitch. Everything you do in PR is a piece of a larger puzzle and a puzzle isn’t complete without the missing piece. Don’t let your work be the missing piece.


When all else fails…

I’ll admit it, there will probably be a day where you make a monstrous mistake or, perhaps, a string of mistakes you wouldn’t normally make. Instead of getting down, take a deep breath, drink some coffee and remind yourself of what you’re capable of doing. There’s always another project for you to turn your day around, so focus your mind on delivering great work on a fresh task at hand. Remember, learning through your mistakes is why you’re here.

#ProTips for a Meaningful Internship

Image courtesy of Lauren Mancke, Unsplash

Image courtesy of Lauren Mancke, Unsplash

The last three months have whizzed by and it’s unbelievable that my time at Curator is coming to an end. During my stint as a PR intern, I’ve had the privilege of learning from these great professionals and I hope to emulate their work as I graduate from Seattle University and continue on in my career.

I learned a ton at Curator and, not only did I develop some great PR skills, I also gained confidence in my work and learned a lot about what life after college will look like. With that said, I want to share my top five #ProTips for future interns. These are all skills I'll be taking with me on my professional journey. 


Master #KeyboardShortcuts

Learning and using keyboard shortcuts will increase your productivity exponentially. Memorize these shortcuts for Mac users and PC users to make all your copying, pasting and multitasking needs a breeze.

Find the Right Organization and #TimeManagement Practices For You

As an intern you’ll most likely have a lot on your plate between juggling school, work and extracurricular activities. Therefore, it's essential to find what organization tactics work for you. Personally, I need to write everything down by hand because it helps me remember better. Plus, it always feels so good to cross items off of my to do list. However, everyone is different and it’s important to find what tricks work best for you. Check out these ten time management tips from Entrepreneur that will help maximize your productivity.

#TopKnotch Work. Always. 

It’s never enough to just double check your work. Always go through everything you've completed with a fine-tooth comb before you hit the send button. If time allows, once I think I'm finished with a project, I go on to another project before sending it. After some time away, I can always spot mistakes and edits since my brain took a break from it.

Be #Informed

Pay attention to the news and stay informed on a variety of topics like current events, hard news and pop-culture. Not only will you have some great water cooler topics to discuss, you will be a more well-rounded human. I get my news from Twitter and use their handy dandy lists function to easily navigate between Seattle, Portland, national and global news, as well as industry, celebrity and sports news. 

Keep in mind the #BiggerPicture

I believe it’s crucial to remember the bigger picture in just about any aspect of life. In regards to public relations, it’s important to keep your clients in mind and do everything you can to boost and support them, remembering that smaller tasks truly do add up to the bigger picture. In terms of life and motivation, every thought, word and action adds up and can make a big difference.