Curator News Feed: September 27, 2013

As we wrap up another week, let's take a look at our favorite links, such as how Pinterest is making its site more journalist-friendly, why Facebook is a truly powerful ad platform, and even some fuzzy little pandas. Enjoy!

Rich pins from Men's Journal

Whatfont, Or How to Be A Type Nut on the Web, The Fox is Black. Some fonts work and some just don't, (*cough* Yahoo *cough*) but sometime the hardest part of finding the font you love is knowing what it is when you see it. Enter WhatFont, a simple Chrome extension that identifies any font on a web page with a simple click. You can even click through to an advanced view to see related fonts in the font's family. Check it out, font freaks! -- Matthew

How I Hire: Focus on Personality, LinkedIn. "The first thing to look for when searching for a great employee is somebody with a personality that fits with your company culture." Couldn't agree more...that's why we are very slow to hire here at Curator...gotta find the right fit. -- Dan

Pinterest Sees Growing Number of Journalists Using the Site, Makes Related Changes, Poynter. Every morning, I open my door to find a newspaper on my porch. Call me a sucker, but I remain a believer in the Fourth Estate. For years, the press have been slow to embrace digital business models and social media. Lately, there are promising signs of collaboration and smart applications of technology. This week, Pinterest announced changes to accommodate journalists and news orgs who are increasingly using the service. -- Ann Marie

How the Founders of Warby Parker Disrupted the Eyewear Industry By Going Against Their Original Idea, Business Insider. Recently, Dan brought in a box of Warby Parker glasses samples and used us as his mirror. Naturally, the Malcolm X-esque ones were a crowd favorite. This video caught my eye as it catches up with the company's founder and how his teams' strategy to disrupt the eyewear game took off much faster than he imagined. Now excuse me while I go order my own box of free Warby's samples... -- Megan

Man Who Understands 8% of Obamacare Vigorously Defends It From Man Who Understands 5%, The Onion. I so wish the designed for entertainment bombastic yell'fest we see on most cable news channels would go away in favor of actual, objective, thoughtful conversation. Because in its absence we get this... -- Scott

Study: Teens Rule Tumblr, Women Love Instagram, Men Like Google+, Refinery 29. Always kind of exciting to see the latest reports when it comes to who's on social media (nerd alert). While these weren't all surprising, I thought it was an interesting read to see how demographics play a role in who uses certain platforms. -- Chelsey

Facebook's Ad Chief: We Have More Primetime Eyeballs Than All Major TV Networks Combined, Business Insider. We've talked a lot about the evolution of Facebook ads, but a recent article in Business Insider works to solidify the growth of social media ads. According to the article, 100 million Americans are on Facebook just between 8-11 p.m. In comparison, major broadcast networks see an average of 44 million viewers during this prime time. Big tv ad spends may be on their way out! -- Annie

Panda Overload!, Today. Panda cam! Sorry, had to share this extra dose of cute. Hey, it's Friday! -- Noelle

With iBeacon, Apple is going to dump on NFC and embrace the internet of things, GigaOMThis is going to change how fast we get to the internet of things. And MLB will be testing this in multiple ballparks come 2014, pretty incredible. -- Shawn

Curator News Feed: September 20, 2013

If you were too busy playing with the new iOS 7 upgrade on your iPhone this week to dig up some interesting news stories, fear not. Check out our favorites here.


30 Pinners to Follow, 2013 Edition, TIME. TIME shares its 30 Pinners to Follow (2013 Edition). Some are big brands and some are less well known individuals. Many have things we can learn about putting together boards and promoting them. All are worth a peek...and a follow. -- Dan

BBC news presenter Simon McCoy confuses viewers as he 'uses pack of printer paper as iPad' during report, Mirror. Just because this made me laugh, watch this clip of a BBC reporter who totally confused more than a few of his viewers. According to the article, this isn't the first time his peculiar antics have been caught by news cameras. -- Megan

6 Reasons to Upgrade to iOS 7 Right Away and 5 You Shouldn’t, TIME Tech. Whether you're a "techy" or not, the big buzz this weeks seems to be all about iOS 7. As I'm sitting trying to download the update on my own phone, I'm thinking I probably should have read this article first. -- Annie

via SB Nation

Legends Never Die, SB Nation. As a longtime fan of The Sandlot, I loved everything about this! The film recently celebrated its 20th anniversary with a tour that wrapped at Dodger Stadium (where the movie also ends) on September 1st. The whole evening was Sandlot themed, including an on-field screening of the film following the Padres game (awesome), plus a visit from some of the cast and crew. And did I mention they also had S'mores cake? I hope you enjoy this walk down memory lane as much as I did! -- Chelsey

How to Crowdfund Your Personal Life, The Week. With student debt now over $1 trillion nationally and tuition still on the climb, graduates face unprecedented challenges. Namely, a mortgage worth of student debt waiting for them at their most financially vulnerable time of life. Check out this innovate organization that is turning volunteer hours into financial freedom for graduates. -- Matthew

Pinterest Will Start Showing Ads As Traffic Keeps Growing But Shifts to Mobile, TechCrunch. We all knew it was coming eventually: Pinterest is starting to experiment with ads. However, the company promises to keep it tasteful, transparent, relevant, and improved based on users' feedback. Think less banner ad and more promoted post. Will be interesting to watch this game-changing move unfold and to see how Pinners react. -- Megan

Street Art Only Appears During Torrential Downpours, PSFK. It's September in Seattle. The rain is creeping back into our daily lives. I've been looking for an upside to the return of wet weather...and here it is. It could be useful for a covert street art project. -- Ann Marie

via The New York TImes

A More Compact Camper Van, The New York Times. Let's be honest, the phrase "West Coast, Best Coast" is truly justified when referring to road trips. Highway 1 people. We've got the prime location to embark on a road trip anytime we want, and Jucy Rentals just made it simpler. They offer camper vans, with all the amenities, for rent. Move over minty green VW van, there's a new hipster in town. -- Maria

7 Traits of Press Releases That Actually Get Read, PR Daily. A good quick read on 7 traits that will help get your press release read. This is a good reminder of how the small details can make a big difference! I also love this line about imagining your elevator pitch as a Tweet. Keeping it short, sweet and focused can go a long way. -- Noelle

Nordstrom Styles a Conversation with Designer Preview Event

Seattle is home to several curator brands – organizations that create products, services or experiences that stand up to the conversation of the marketplace. These brands curate and participate in the conversation, whether that’s happening on the street, through social media posts and updates or unfolding in the media. Nordstrom is a fantastic example of a curator brand. Just last week, our office was chatting about Nordstrom’s decision to integrate Pinterest with its in-store shopping experience. The brand made news when it gave a nod to the conversations and activity happening among the more than 4.5 million followers on Pinterest. Now, shoppers in 13 Nordstrom locations will see Pinterest icons, noting “most pinned” products. We loved this idea.

Last night, I had the opportunity to attend the Nordstrom Designer Preview. Each year, Nordstrom showcases top designers’ Fall collections in a highly produced runway event benefiting the Seattle Art Museum. As I sipped my Glamourtini and soaked in the sunset view from the Pier 91 location, I marveled at how Nordstrom had carefully scripted the evening to provide participants opportunities to create conversations around their brand. Before the models took to the runway, they invited Lawren Howell, Vogue’s West Coast Fashion Editor, to share 5 highlights from the Fall runway shows in London, Paris, Milan and New York. Did you know that coats are the new handbag? Neither did I, but I felt an urge to reach for my phone and tweet out some newly learned fashion nuggets. They even provided me with a hashtag to do so -- #NordstromxVoguePromos.

Gorgeous Gucci on the runway.

After the show, guests were invited to browse the Pop-Up Store, and try on looks straight from the runway. Snap a selfie in that amazing coat with feathers? Yes, please! While I didn’t see any Pinterest icons throughout the evening, Nordstrom produced a flawless event that inspired me to share my experience not just with my friends at the event, but to post my favorite looks on Facebook and Instagram, tweet news of my great seat (row 1!) to friends and family and make a Vine of the fabulous people watching. Friends who weren’t even in the same state commented on my favorite Gucci dress. My mom, who had joined me a few years ago, messaged me that hoped to come back next year. And a few people even ooh’d and ahhh’d over my sweet row 1 seat (row 1!). Thanks for sparking such a fun conversation, Nordstrom.

The Curator News Feed: May 10, 2013

Could someone really go a year without Internet? Did you know that Disney Princesses parallel women in PR? What are brands doing to leverage this Mother’s Day? These are just a few of the questions that are answered by our favorite articles from the week. See them all here in our latest link roundup!

Lip Sync-Off with John Krasinski, YouTube. From this day forward, I will just close my eyes on Friday and let John Krasinski take me away... – Shawn

I'm still here: back online after a year without the Internet. The Verge. Most of us couldn't imagine being without the Internet for a full week, maybe only a day. Paul Miller just got back online on May 1, after abstaining from the Internet for an entire year. If I summarized his thoughts in these couple of sentences, I would ruin it for you. There's lessons about the Internet, but more importantly how we function as people. This one is definitely worth your time.  – Maria

Five Simple Rules, and Additional Tips to Make Yourself into a True Travel Warrior. LinkedIn. Whether you're traveling internationally or not, for business or pleasure, Paypal's President David Marcus has some pretty worthy advice on how to make traveling efficient and the time you have before, during and after a trip feel like you never skipped a beat. – Maria

Taking The Long View: Social Media's Real ROI, WTIA Community Blog. If you do any kind of social media analysis or SEO work in your job, you (hopefully) know that Ian Lurie is one of the brightest, clearest voices in that space. Here's the thesis of his latest post, which you should read immediately and not save for later: "If you’re measuring every dime spent on social media and expecting a clear ROI, you’re doing it wrong. Social media doesn’t generate near-term ROI. It fixes rattles and makes people happy. By doing that, it helps you secure long-term ROI." Seriously, if you were only to ever read one blog post about social media, this would be a great post to pick. – Paul

The End of Traditional Ad Agencies, Harvard Business Review Blog. A Vespa dealer in Lexington, Kentucky, came up with the concept of "No Cages" for the Harley Davidson campaign and a guy from Tukwila came up with the concept for Stereotypical Harley — both through a crowd sourced effort from Victors & Spoils. We're obviously believers in curation here and this concept digs deep into the theory. I was really intrigued by this article and had good conversations with our team. Lots to ponder with this one. If you're the CMO on the client side does it matter where the spark of the idea came from? The agency will still have to bring it to life and make it strategically smart. Part of me likes this a lot for the right brand. What do you think? – Scott

Microsoft Buying Nook Reported $1B Deal Would Escalate Amazon Rivalry, GeekWire. I own a Kindle. My wife does, too. My mom owns a Nook. And we have an subscription for audiobooks. Needless to say, we like the printed (and sometimes spoken) word. As such, all this who’s  buying whom in the world of digital books is interesting to us…and may just impact our next purchase decision. It’ll be interesting to see how this shakes out from a marketing perspective, as well, and how both Nook and Kindle customers will react. – Dan

Seizing the Crown: Disney Princess PR Parallels, SmartyRants blog at I'm not entirely sure I fit the Princess mold, but am amused that we're now comparing our careers in PR to the plights of our favorite Disney leading ladies. Any of my fellow Curators willing to share who they best identify with? – Jennifer

Why Floundering Abercrombie Should Reconsider Snubbing The Full-Figure Set, Forbes. Here's a how-to on alienating consumers. Ironic that the very segment of the population that this brand is shunning from its stores, could in fact help boost its market share if the brand embraced it. – Noelle

My Mom Always Said…, Pinterest. Leading up to the 2012 London Olympic Games, Procter & Gamble released this touching “Best Job” video as part of its global “Thank you, Mom” campaign. As the brand shared, they’re in the business of helping mom, so this video celebrated moms around the world who have given so much. Last week, perfectly timed for Mother’s Day, the brand began asking for great pieces of motherly advice from the Thank You Mom, by P&G Facebook page and Twitter handle. I played along and contributed my own mom’s advice, and there was some nice engagement through the week via Twitter. Yesterday, they revealed a Pinterest board full of clever graphic posters of the real-mom advice that people shared with P&G. I love how the brand invited engagement across several channels where I connect with friends and family and created an opportunity for me to celebrate my own mom. Nice work, P&G.  – Ann Marie

Seattle’s Best Brunches, Seattle PI. Are you panicking because you didn't make plans for Mother's Day? This article from Seattle PI may just save your skin. – Liz

Twitter Vines Get Shared 4x More Than Online Video, AdWeek. While I have yet to make my first Vine, I’m on it a lot looking at my feed of friends and brands alike. I think it’s an awesome concept and I love how some brands, like Lowes, are using it to showcase products, events, services and culture. I also enjoy the creativity some people are using, like this great compilation of Vines of Ryan Gosling refusing to eat cereal. –  Chelsey

Warby Parker Customer Service, YouTube. Some companies are really known for their customer service on social media. Warby Parker just blew it out of the park though when a customer tweeted he had a crush on the customer service rep he just spoke to over the phone. Most companies would probably ignore it but not Warby Parker. Original tweet here: – Brooke

The Curator’s News Feed: November 30, 2012

Social Media

Hard to believe there’s only one more month left of this year! As November comes to an end we are seeing lots of social media news with end-of-the-year trend recaps and insight for what to expect in 2013. Here’s some of this week's news that caught our attention:

Imagining The Possibilities Of Facebook's External Ad Network, AllFacebook. Everyone expected that Facebook would eventually take users' information and use it to sell ads on external sites, and now Facebook says it's actually happening. If you're a Facebook user, this means the things you Like, share, comment and click on will be used to serve up ads on sites you visit outside Facebook. It could even mean you'll start to see ads that essentially say things like, "Your wife really wants this blender, Paul." Creepy? Only if you're still under the impression that your Facebook activity was ever private. Actually, I think I just convinced myself that this will be a lifesaver. – Paul

This is How Much Time You Spend on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Mashable. This week, Mashable pulled together some pretty intriguing infographics on how we’re using social media. Between work and personal use, my day appears to revolve around social platforms, so these numbers actually seem a little low in my book. But, taking into consideration the population as a whole, having the average time spent on social-networking sites more than double since 2006 is pretty striking. At the same time, we’ve seen a decrease in the use of email, which could mean users are ditching old methods of communication and turning to tools such as Twitter, Facebook, etc. to reach out to their contacts. This is a quick turnaround from the days when Twitter was used primarily as a quick news source. – Annie

Facebook and Pinterest are the New Wedding Planners, Mashable. As more and more of my friends get engaged or married, I feel like everywhere I turn there are Facebook posts about the proposal, the ring and pleas for planning advice and wedding ideas. It has become hard to avoid and I even find myself looking at photos on Pinterest. All I can tell from my ‘research browsing’ is that planning a wedding seems like an incredibly long and overwhelming process, but in a lot of ways has become easier thanks to the helpful tips and ideas on sites like Pinterest and TheKnot. This article proves my suspicion and shares some interesting stats on how these social media sites have taken over wedding planning. – Chelsey

Future Travel, CNN. Having clients in the travel category keeps me on the lookout for trends affecting travelers, so it was fun to stumble across this story about the future of travel in 2022… – Dan

4 Media Relations Tips From YouTube's Most Popular Video Ever, PR Daily. Korean rap sensation, PSY's, infectious "Gangnam Style" tune and music video – which is now the most watched video on YouTube – just might be able to teach PR pros a little something about media relations. – Jennifer

Your Emails Are Too Long: Here's How To Fix Them, Lifehacker. We're all guilty of sending the occasional rambling email or those "Thanks!" one-offs that clutter up inboxes. This post has a list of good reminders for keeping your messaging short and to the point. – Paul