Why Facebook’s Redesigned Notes Could Be Rad for Bloggers

If you host your own blog, you can already syndicate each post on platforms like Medium, Tumblr, and LinkedIn. Now that Facebook has updated its Notes tool to be more blog-like, you’ve got another, and potentially a more powerful one.

Why syndicate? It’s kind of like atomizing your content, but my rationale is that it gives a post more chances to thrive. Personally, I have more Twitter followers than I do blog readers, and I get more interactions on Facebook than I do on Twitter.

The cool thing is, now that Facebook has upgraded Notes, I’ve got at least five “big” places to post content:

  • This blog
  • LinkedIn (using their Notes-like blog feature)
  • Medium
  • Tumblr
  • Facebook Notes

Even if one of my posts doesn’t go supermegaviral, the aggregate readers I get from all those places are far greater than what I’d get on one of those platforms alone. And the way Facebook’s algorithm works, if I can get the ball rolling on just one post, I can stretch my audience to more—and arguably more relevant—people (re: friends of friends).

I’m not one to blast all my content everywhere, all at once, but I’m interested to see how Facebook Notes could help increase reads on my Facebook-focused and personal posts.

This post was originally published on Facebook Notes.