Why I Love Interning at a Small Agency

There are countless Seattle-based PR agencies to intern for. While most college students on the road to a career in public relations may think name recognition of a sizable agency on a resume will help in the pursuit of a full-time position, I have realized otherwise. I chose to work at Curator due to its size and I love working at a small agency – here’s why!

I feel like an important part of the team

While I was often left with little or seemingly insignificant work to complete at a large agency, at Curator I am given much more responsibility than the typical intern. In fact, I have accomplished more at Curator within one month than I did in three months at a past, larger agency. My first week here, I was assigned the task of drafting press releases, which I didn’t touch until the latter half of my last work experience. And not once have I answered a phone or gone on a coffee run, unless invited by my coworkers!

I have gotten to know everyone I work with

The importance of networking is drilled into our minds, but having 500+ LinkedIn connections is only useful if they all know your work. I have worked on projects with each of my colleagues at Curator, including our Principal. This has given me a better grasp of working in the PR field. I also love the small office culture. Working at a small agency allows you to really get to know your colleagues, who can offer valuable advice and recommendations post-graduation.

I wear many different hats

Experience is essential and internships offer that opportunity to learn what coursework cannot teach. At a small agency, I have been afforded the opportunity to touch varied accounts and projects. Not only am I gaining skills in monitoring press coverage and writing press materials, but I am also working with social media and graphic design. Curator has allowed me to expand my portfolio greatly, which will only help me in the long run.  

School Is Out, But Interns Are In

Hello! My name is Kate Stevens and I am a senior at the University of Washington studying Communication as well as Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies. I am looking forward to honing my PR skills by working alongside the Curator team as a summer intern! 

I consider myself to be a passionate storyteller and a constant consumer of media, which is why I am so excited to have the opportunity to explore the PR field further. I blindly entered the world of PR via coursework and quickly found my footing. I was initially attracted by the ever-evolving communications landscape and the opportunity to do what I love most – to write. However, it was the fast pace of agency life with its promise of no two days being alike that captivated me.

My past internship with Barokas PR has offered me valuable knowledge of media relations and the B2B technology sector. It was during this experience that I realized my passion for PR and my interest in pursuing a career in consumer-lifestyle PR. I believe that an internship is the ultimate learning experience, and  I hope to learn a hell of a lot, while making lasting relationships here at Curator.

Outside of the office, you can find me at the outdoor markets shopping for flowers with my dog in tow or at the local coffee shop drinking tea and reading. In my spare time, I enjoy listening to live music and attempting to play the guitar. I also love to be outdoors and plan on spending most weekends this summer hiking and traveling! 

How My Internship Was Much More Than “Just Getting Coffee”

How My Internship Was Much More Than “Just Getting Coffee”

When I arrived in the office on the first day of my internship with Curator, I was ready to embrace the industry I was passionate about, but I also felt nervous. About to begin my junior year at the University of Washington, I had reached the point in my collegiate career where things tend to get a bit more “serious.”