5 Questions For Your Agency Interview

Recently, we helped launch an interesting company called Koru. They’re focused on solving the serious issue of post-graduate underemployment. Did you know that >50% of recent grads are underemployed or unemployed? Koru has built an amazing program that bridges the gap between talented, recent grads with grit and great jobs at innovative companies. We’re working hard to secure great coverage for the company, and this Wall Street Journal piece was a highlight of launch week. As I dug into our work with Koru, I kept thinking about what helps a candidate stand out when they come through the doors to talk about opportunities at Curator. From my perspective, the best interviews are those that turn into a conversation -- a true, two-way dialog. I’m always surprised when people let me ask all the questions. This is their chance to find out if our team and our work is a good fit for them. Let's face it, not everyone can put up with our (un)healthy obsession with The Bachelor...or cats. When people leave my office without asking any good questions, it makes me wonder if they've really given this position, and our agency, any thought.


With graduation season just weeks away, I put together a list of five questions that will help turn an interview into a productive, two-way discussion.

1)      What do you love about working here?

2)      What’s your proudest professional moment of the past year?

3)      What do you think (AGENCY X) will look like in 5 years?

4)      What’s your approach for supporting the team’s professional development?

5)      What advice do you have for someone just starting their career?

Do you want to add to this list of Q’s? Share your thoughts with me on Twitter (@amricard).