Happy Thanksgiving!

As we sat around our pseudo-Friday happy hour yesterday, we went around to share what we are each thankful for this Thanksgiving – here’s how it went:

“I feel beyond blessed to work with the extremely talented, dedicated, and wonderfully fun group of Curators. We have a client roster that I'm both over-the-moon and truly thankful for today and everyday.  I'm thankful, indeed. Happy Thanksgiving friends!” – Scott

“I’m thankful for a clean fridge!” – Dan (following a thorough pre-holiday fridge cleaning in the office)

Clean fridge

“I’m thankful for our Friday Happy Hours – especially today because Matthew brought dark beer” – Annie (Matthew and Annie are our token dark dark dark beer connoisseurs and on their turn for bringing beer they get to indulge)

“I’m thankful for all of you” – Shawn (we know he really does mean it :)

“I’m thankful Gem hasn’t had any benders lately” – Jennifer (Gem being our mischievous office mascot who has a tendency to get a little wild sometimes)

Gem recovering

“I’m thankful to have passed my background check to work here…but seriously, I am really thankful to have been hired” – Paul

“I’m thankful that we are continuing to grow…meaning we are that much closer to the possibility of getting bunk desks!” – Matthew (trying very hard to make bunk desks happen – and yes, that’s a real thing)

Bunk desks

“I’m thankful for Katy Perry Friday” – Ann Marie (there is arguably no greater Pandora station)

“I’m thankful for the amount of times I laugh with (or at) my coworkers on a daily basis. No matter how hard the day, I know a good funny moment is not far off! And of course I’m thankful for my wonderful family and my husband’s wonderful family who has become mine” – Julia

“I’m thankful for the fact that I can say I love my job and it’s 100% true” – Chelsey

Though some responses are a little tongue in cheek, we are all collectively so very thankful to work with such amazing clients and colleagues everyday. From all of us at Curator, cheers to you and yours this Thanksgiving!!