Sweetness in Seattle


Every summer, tourists on holiday flock to our beautiful city. It seems just about every week I get an email from a friend or family member saying, “So-and-so is heading to Seattle for a few days. Where should they go?” I’ve made lists and lists for these visitors. I have a specific set of suggested outdoor excursions, indoor experiences, restaurants to try, and attractions to visit. But perhaps my favorite list to share is my 5 Favorite Seattle Summer Sweets.

Molly Moon's. People will line up around the block for a delicious scoop on a hot summer evening. Molly has built a cult following for her indulgent salted caramel, but I promise you won’t be disappointed by the Balsamic Strawberry, or the Honey Lavender, or the “Scout” Mint (every time I order the Scout Mint, I tell my sons it’s made with real Girl Scouts. They have not laughed. Not even once. But I’ll keep trying).

The Molly Moon's ice cream truck brings sweet relief to the crowds at the Space Needle.  (Image source: Molly Moon's Instagram)

Rachel's Ginger Beer. If you’re visiting Seattle, there’s roughly 100% chance you’ll be wandering through Pike Place Market at some point during your stay. Make sure you walk down Post Alley and sample some of the original recipe ginger beer and seasonal varieties at Rachel’s Ginger Beer. And if you decide on a Ginger Beer Float — even better. And if you make it a Boozy Shake? I won’t judge.

Eats Market. This tiny café and bakery is a bit off the beaten path, inside of a mall in West Seattle. But their "cool cookies" are worth the trip. Their handmade ice cream sandwiches are a highlight of summer at my house. Go ahead and enjoy them now, because they're gone when summer is over.

Full Tilt Ice Cream. With interesting local art, a pinball arcade and delicious, unusual ice cream flavors, the funky Fill Tilt appeals to all ages. My go-to is always Mexican chocolate, but people swear by horchata and the purple ube flavors. And for the adventure traveler, Oaxacan Surprise includes bits of chocolate-covered grasshoppers.

Tom Douglas Triple Coconut Cream Pie. For many reasons, I love Chef Tom Douglas and his team. I appreciate his mad love for the Pacific Northwest and his commitment to the downtown Seattle community. I admire him as an innovator in his field and for how he treats his staff. And his coconut cream pie. I am cuckoo for coconut. If you are as well, stop in the Dahlia Lounge for a meal or pop into the Dahlia Bakery for a heavenly slice of coconut pie.

Summer in Seattle is a sweet experience indeed! Did I miss your favorite? Tweet your addition to the list to @amricard.