The Curator News Feed: May 24, 2013

In case you're looking for things to fill some of your spare time over the long weekend, why not learn some new words like dreamalize, or read up on why Pioneer Square is becoming even cooler. Check out those and our other favorite reads from the week in our latest link round up:

Daclotype, Vimeo. Our neighbor is Olson Kundig's storefront where they swap out creative experiences what seems like monthly, and this month its a project called Dabblelab. An interesting experience based on our current use of digital tools for everything, it explores the craft of creating with our hands, sketching, drawing and such. It reminded me of a project my friend Patrick Wright just wrapped up about the art of the Daclotype. It's gorgeous, so check it. – Shawn

Class of 2013: Four Things You Must Unlearn Immediately, LinkedIn. It's graduation commencement season! We all still remember the Steve Jobs graduation speech that changed our lives. I don't believe that only graduates should get all the good advice and remember how to dream, so when I start to see all the the speech videos, speeches adapted for print, and blog posts analyzing them, I'm like a kid in a candy store, which is why I'm adding another favorite to my post here: Class of 2013: You'll Never Again Be so Unburdened; Do Something Bold. – Maria

Seattle Texas. Teaser link. Still evolving new project we’re working on. More deliciousness to come. – Dan

Whole Foods Market's Best Butcher and Fishmonger Face-Off, Kristin Pot Pie. Each year, Whole Foods Market's expert butchers and fishmongers battle it out to demonstrate their skills with the goal of being crowned the ultimate champion from dozens of other butchers and fishmongers across the nation. Last night was my first experience getting to watch the regional finals at Whole Foods Market Interbay. I knew what the event was all about, but to watch it in person was a completely different experience. It's amazing the amount of talent these butchers and fishmongers have, and you begin to recognize the intense skill it takes to accomplish what they do. I know that as I approach this Memorial Day weekend and pick out what to BBQ I will have a completely new appreciation for the folks behind the counter doing all of the prep for us. Here's a picture of the winner from the Best Butcher competition. Can't wait for the national finals in Portland this summer! – Annie

It's Hip to be Pioneer Square, Seattle Mag. When we were first looking for office space the only criteria I gave our broker was to find us listings in buildings and neighborhoods with a highly creative vibe. We landed in a 100-year-old-plus old brick building with high ceilings, beat-up hardwood floors and big wood framed windows. Unfortunately the single paned windows are as old as the building and most of our team members wear coats in the winter at their desks.  But sacrifice is part of the creative process, right? The fun part of being in Pioneer Square, downtown Seattle's oldest neighborhood, is it progressively gets cooler. We've had a recent influx of great restaurants and bars. Check out this link on our neighborhood and why its hip to be (Pioneer) square. – Scott

Tales of Old Mexico: Loreto Takes Root in the Land of Queen Calafia (Baja California), Huffington Post. Last week, I had the pleasure of exploring the beauty of the Islands of Loreto region for the first time along with our client Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto. I really encourage everyone to check out this great recount of what makes the area and the resort itself so special. Whether you're looking for a new destination to uncover, or are in need of natural beauty, relaxation and sincere hospitality, I encourage you to visit Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto and experience it for yourself. – Noelle

3D printed prosthetics, PSFK. I’ve been fascinated by the many uses individuals have found for low-cost 3D printers. While the looming concern over 3D printed weapons seems to be grabbing all the headlines, there are a lot of examples of truly amazing uses. Check out this great article about how a South African woodworker created of an open-source prosthetic hand that can be customized and 3D printed for about 2% of the normal cost.  – Matthew

Jif Peanut Butter Weighs In on GIF Pronunciation Debate, Mashable. I refuse to accept the pronunciation change for one of my favorite e-mail attachments. My bet is that Steve Wilhite owns shares in peanut butter. – Brooke

The Emotionary. Instacurity (an excessive concern with one’s social media presence, influence and likeability), inattextive (incessant phone use during social situations) – these are just some of the words from The Emotionary, a place for “words that don’t exist for feelings that do.” This might be my new favorite site.  – Chelsey

Ferrero backs off bid to quash ‘World Nutella Day’, Ragan. What monsters would try and shut down National Nutella Day? Apparently the creators of Nutella themselves. This is a good example of how companies can kill good publicity by being overprotective of the brand. – Liz