Why Reddit is one of the best news websites on the Internet

israelpalestine-flags1 I can’t deny it; I am a daily Reddit user. And this morning, while riding the bus, I realized something about Reddit that has never been so relevant than today. In light of the current conflict in Gaza between the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) and the Hamas “freedom fighters,” many news stories have sprung up about everything from the massive ground invasion in Gaza, to the Hamas rebels firing off rockets at the “Iron Dome,” to IDF forces firing on children. No matter what side you happen to be on with this issue, Reddit has become an incredible resource to see both sides of this conflict.

Reddit is a global community of Internet users who participate in a forum-like conversation on thousands of topics ranging from world news, cute animals, movie reviews, Photoshop battles, and much more. One notable “subreddit,” or channel of Reddit, is the IAMA subreddit. IAMA stands for “I Am A…..Ask Me Anything”, which is essentially a medium for people of all walks of life and professions to answer curious Redditor’s questions.

Today, two notable IAMA’s unfolded: one from an Israeli soldier and one from a Palestinian living in Gaza.

In reading both accounts, you gain an interesting perspective on the crisis. The Israeli soldier expresses his opinions of a sovereign nation where Israelites and Palestinians can live together in peace. He answers questions regarding the cultural and political atmosphere within Israel and he also sheds light on the popular opinion within Israel with regards to Gaza. On the other side, the Palestinian in Gaza expresses a very different point of view. He is not allowed to legally leave Gaza nor does he feel safe in his densely populated city, yet he has never seen an Israeli citizen in his life.

Reading both of these accounts simultaneously shows how absolutely different their lives are; yet they are a border away. Both are in their twenties and express their yearning for peace and stability. Both are open and willing for a day when they both can share the land together. In our day in age, it is critical for citizens to have a voice on a public forum and Reddit has proven time and time again to be just that. This is why I argue that Reddit is the best news website on the Internet. Not only does news break first on Reddit, but it also allows a forum for interesting, firsthand accounts of individuals that are relevant to the what’s happening in the world.