Texts From Last Night: Seahawks Edition

Our favorite two words right now - Go Hawks! We've rounded up some of the memorable texts we received from last weekend's victory. 

I was texting with my mom and my brother throughout the game. My brother literally dropped an F-bomb at one point—that's how crazy this game was. - Paul

My mom doesn't even drink... - Anna

That's a classic "text from mom" - Ann Marie

There were a lot of praising hands emojis being thrown around last night. Also, props to Chelsey for not losing faith in our Seahawks! - Brooke


Family thread -- my dad was on a flight to Boston most of the game so we were sending text updates until he was able to watch at the airport when he landed. - Chelsey

And we were struggling to understand how OT works - Chelsey


All I have to say is thank goodness I chose travel dates following the Super Bowl - Chelsey

Four siblings in 3 cities. I'm the only Hawks fan, but you couldn't look away from this game no matter whose team you root for. - Ann Marie