5 Reasons Fall is the Best Season

Summer has packed its bags and the crisp air has returned; the leaves are changing colors, and the hashtag #pumpkineverything is in full swing. Fall has arrived. Today marks the “official” start of the season (gasp), but for some of us fall started a few weeks ago when Starbucks released the PSL.

Fall is my favorite time of year—there is so much to be happy about—and if it’s not yours, I’m going to give you some reasons it should be. The sudden change from summer to fall doesn’t need to bring summertime sadness! Here are the reasons you should fall in love with fall:

1. Football Season has begun

You can now spend your Thursdays-Sundays watching America’s favorite sport. Whether you’re cheering for a high school team, college ball, or the NFL (go Hawks) football brings people together. There’s just something about this sport that brings out great energy.

2. The flavors of fall are here

Pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin candy—Pinterest has taught me you can incorporate pumpkin into literally any food. Whole Foods Market even carries pumpkin dog treats! But if you are not a fan of sipping on pumpkin, fall also brings warm cups of hot coco, tea, and cider.  

3. TV shows are back

Gone are the days of searching the TV guide for the best reruns to watch; fall is back with new seasons of all your favorite shows. Here’s a calendar of when your shows premiere.

4. Holidays are upon us

It is the season of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas preparation. This is the time of year where you always have a reason to get together with loved ones, dress up, decorate, and show people you appreciate and love them. I love the holiday spirit and the joy people exude during this time of year.

5. It's the final (full) season before a new year

The weather has changed, it’s a new school year, or a chance for new work objectives; it is your chance make something big happen before the ball drops and it’s 2016. Enjoy these fall months while they are here because there’s a lot to be happy about!