Crave Fashion Industry Co-Storm: Key Insights and Takeaways

The fashion industry can be a tough one to tackle. Whether you own a blog, work for a PR agency or are starting your own clothing line, we all face similar challenges. To face some of these head-on, various people from across the Seattle fashion scene met at the Crave Co-Storm to brainstorm solutions.

A co-storm is a think-tank style session where small groups discuss industry issues with one another and brainstorm strategies to solve these problems. Co-storms help us understand that sometimes we need help from others to recognize solutions we can’t see on our own.

While I learned a lot from my first co-storm, there’s one key takeaway that I plan to apply to my professional and personal life: there is a power and benefit in brainstorming with others.

Although it seems like a simple task, we often forget the impact others have on our ability to think creatively and make decisions. In today’s day and age, we strive to accomplish things on our own but, by doing so, we’re only shorting our potential success.

Don’t get stuck overthinking things. Instead, pick people’s brains and ask for their opinions. But here’s the challenge: seek individuals who don’t work in your office.

While brainstorming among your co-workers is great, it can be more helpful to get a fresh set of eyes on your work. Ideas can get stale and someone who’s not familiar with your work may pick up on something you couldn’t see, ultimately fielding new questions that will direct you back to the right path.

I was able to experience this first-hand through the Crave Co-Storm. Speaking with different fashion-focused individuals, gave me the opportunity to gather thoughtful feedback from people who understand the complexities of the fashion industry, but from a different standpoint – one that isn’t PR related. Not only will you get fresh ideas, but may also receive direct feedback from individuals in your potential target audience.

So, the next time you’re in a creative rut or struggling with a project, reach out to others in your community. Meet up with a friend or, if you’re in Seattle, sign up to attend a local co-storm. Hearing different perspectives can make a huge difference in the outcome of your work. In the end, we all depend upon each other and one fresh outlook can open our minds to an influx of new ideas.