The Curator News Feed: October 3, 2014

Today we celebrate October 3rd, a date made special by Mean Girls. We are also sharing our favorite picks from the Internets this week. Happy Friday!

Danny Macaskill: The Ridge. Watch danny go.. 3:50 your palms get sweaty, and at 6:00 you pretty much scream "SHUT YOUR FACE!" at your screen... - Shawn

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Logos Are Ingeniously Redesigned for Breast Cancer Awareness. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and what better way to pay homage than these redesigned social logos? - Chelsey

NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams. If you're at all fascinated by career advice or the field of journalism, you've gotta check out this Q&A Brian Williams did on Facebook. - Paul

“Ghostbusters”-Themed Doughnuts Are Coming To Krispy Kreme Today. Must.Buy. - Noelle

Heirloom Popcorn Helps a Snack Reinvent Itself. Well I'll be damned! An answer to how popcorn could possibly be reinvented. Look at those precious, tiny little ears of corn. - Ann Marie

4 Things Jessica Alba Wants You to Know About Her Booming Lifestyle Brand. But Alba said she prefers listening over talking and likes to personally scan responses to posts across social networks. For example, one fan posted an Instagram comment that began, "You probably won't even see this" and went on to explain that she loved Honest products but could no longer afford to use them. Alba said she made sure that the woman would receive the product for free as long as she needed. - Brooke