Hello. It’s me… Solana!


Hi there! It’s Solana. I recently introduced myself on Curator’s blog several months ago recapping my internship experience here. Well, I’m back again, this time to re-introduce myself as an Assistant Account Executive. I feel so fortunate to be taking my first steps into the professional world of PR alongside the team at Curator.

I am a Seattle transplant originally from Sacramento, California. Although I am a California girl to the core, I have to admit that after three years of living in the Pacific Northwest I’m beginning to see the appeal. Beautiful summers, beaches, mountains, small businesses, world-class art, and out of this world food (and coffee!), I think I could live here for a while.

Before working at Curator, I had a short career as a professional ballet dancer with a small regional company. After realizing I had interests and passions outside the studio, I took the leap from Sacramento to Seattle to attend Seattle University where I recently graduated with a degree in Strategic Communication and specialization in Global Awareness.

My training as a communicator has taken me all around the West Coast from Sacramento to Seattle to Los Angeles at agencies and organizations of varying sizes. Through my experiences interning and working in communications I have learned that every person, every brand, every idea has a story, but it’s the stories that are told with integrity are the ones that change the world. What excites me most about working in public relations is being able to develop impactful strategies that elevate messages.

When I’m not in the office, you can usually find me teaching a Pilates class- I am slowly trying to convert our office into a Pilates friendly space. I have been an avid practitioner for about 10 years and began teaching about two years ago after completing a year and a half long certification course. Besides Pilates, I enjoy trying new restaurants around town with my friends, searching for the best ice cream in every city I visit, and listening to podcasts!