How do you measure PR results?

Appropriately tracking and measuring results is what illustrates the value of public relations. It is critical in both defining success and mapping goals to outcomes. 

At Curator, we evaluate both quantitatively and qualitatively to benchmark our work. Quantitatively, we look at things such as the volume of coverage, media impressions and social media engagement such as likes and comments. Qualitatively, we can gauge earned media, including articles and TV segments, through tone, position and placements highly visible to readers and viewers.

We see how PR impacts business metrics for our partners such as web traffic, sales or growth on social media. For example, after Curator landed Sway a feature story in Upworthy, they quickly saw their greatest influx in sales and social media activity ever. The game sold out of stock!

Similarly, Curator brokered a partnership between Ably and the nomadic adventurer behind Expert Vagabond when the brand was launching via a Kickstarter. More than a year after that partnership, Ably is still tracking web traffic that is directly attributed to the Expert Vagabond post

The tools available for measurement are often dependent on the scope of work and the budget. These systems and analysis are how are team reports on brand impact and effective earned media.