New AAE On The Scene - Kenna, Here!

Kenna color.jpeg

Hello there! My name is McKenna Kloes and I recently started here at Curator as an Assistant Account Executive. I’m a Seattle native in every sense – lover of the way our drizzly weather brings so much green beauty, avid coffee drinker (the stronger the better) and committed promoter of local artisans and creators. I’ll never tire of living and working in such a culturally and environmentally diverse city. Of course, the incredible food and fashion scene is a pretty big draw, as well.

I recently graduated from Western Washington University. When considering my career, I knew I wanted to work in a field that allowed me to exercise both “halves” of my brain – the creative right and the analytical left. Working at Curator is ideal for someone like me who is drawn to the fast-paced life and challenge of strategic communications, but also values honest connection and creativity. These are all values Curator shares and lives out daily, which shows in the high caliber of work the agency produces. I’m so thrilled to be a part of the team that makes the magic happen!

With a strong background in journalism, I’ve fallen in love with the way telling a story well can enlighten and motivate. There is so much power in the marriage of words, images and actions. Practicing that relationship and seeing results for brands and people I admire is the driving purpose behind what I do as a public relations professional.

Outside of my work here, I am a writer, a hiker and a maker of yummy foods that warrant a well-designed table and the perfect beverage pairing. Ultimately, all of my passions involve fostering deeper connection, nourishing the mind and body and adding a little more beauty to this vibrant city I love to call home.