Fall and Interns Have Arrived: Say Hello to Megan!


Hey, everyone! I am Megan and currently a senior at the University of Washington studying Communication. When I initially heard about the PR industry, I wasn’t sure what exactly it was, but I had a feeling I should learn more about it. After completing an Intro to Public Relations course, I became intrigued at what else was possible in the world of PR.

Originally, I’m from the Bay Area, but ended up in Seattle (technically Burien) when I was five. Although I love spending summers in California to soak up some sun, I love the Seattle rain, unlike most Seattleites! One of the things I like most about Seattle is the accessibility of Starbucks – there’s usually one within a block of wherever you are.

As an intern at Curator, I’m most excited to gain real world experiences at a firm, develop more of my writing and pitching skills and learn how to keep up with the evolving trends in PR. When I’m not in the office, I’m a full-time student, part-time receptionist at a hair salon and always looking for more opportunities that will further my knowledge of communication-related industries. Work aside, I am usually shopping at Sephora, hanging out with my dog and cats, discovering new spots in Seattle with my friends and beating my own personal record of Netflix binge-watching (currently: a 13-episode season watched in one day.)