Why I Love Interning at a Small Agency

There are countless Seattle-based PR agencies to intern for. While most college students on the road to a career in public relations may think name recognition of a sizable agency on a resume will help in the pursuit of a full-time position, I have realized otherwise. I chose to work at Curator due to its size and I love working at a small agency – here’s why!

I feel like an important part of the team

While I was often left with little or seemingly insignificant work to complete at a large agency, at Curator I am given much more responsibility than the typical intern. In fact, I have accomplished more at Curator within one month than I did in three months at a past, larger agency. My first week here, I was assigned the task of drafting press releases, which I didn’t touch until the latter half of my last work experience. And not once have I answered a phone or gone on a coffee run, unless invited by my coworkers!

I have gotten to know everyone I work with

The importance of networking is drilled into our minds, but having 500+ LinkedIn connections is only useful if they all know your work. I have worked on projects with each of my colleagues at Curator, including our Principal. This has given me a better grasp of working in the PR field. I also love the small office culture. Working at a small agency allows you to really get to know your colleagues, who can offer valuable advice and recommendations post-graduation.

I wear many different hats

Experience is essential and internships offer that opportunity to learn what coursework cannot teach. At a small agency, I have been afforded the opportunity to touch varied accounts and projects. Not only am I gaining skills in monitoring press coverage and writing press materials, but I am also working with social media and graphic design. Curator has allowed me to expand my portfolio greatly, which will only help me in the long run.