Inspiration Day

We don’t have a lot of policies at Curator, by design.  But we did institute a new one yesterday: Inspiration Day.  I was recently given a compliment by someone I respect at one of the big agencies in town who told me Curator is viewed as one of the more innovative PR firms in the market.  It made me very proud.  And nervous.  Innovation is such an intangible thing. It is spurred by those who are curious and growing and experimenting.  I don't want that to ever change at Curator.  I want our agency and all our individual team members to constantly be in a state of growth.  To be trying new ideas and approaches that result in an incredible idea for our clients.

So, we've instituted Inspiration Day.  One day each year, we are giving our team members a free day, on top of their vacation and sick time, to go do something that may inspire them.  Go to a new art exhibit.  Go try their hand at glass blowing.  Anything.  Anything that may stimulate a part of their brain to come up with a new way of doing things for a client.  All that we've asked — as part of this new policy — is that they share their experience with our team.

Our industry is changing by the day. The way consumers take in information changes just as fast.  I want us to be in front of it.  So stay tuned on how our team members spend their day. Perhaps they'll blog about their experience and inspire you too.

For me, I've signed up for a one day cooking class in Charleston, SC where I'm going to learn how to create modern low country cuisine from a chef who is innovating an entire category. I very much want to learn new cooking skills — but more so, I'm interested in learning his motivations, why he's sticking his neck out to recreate something that is already so great, and the risks he's taken to open new restaurants.  I can't wait.

If you have ideas for us on how to spend the day hit us up on our Twitter: @curatorpr.


*Photo credit: Don Giannatti