Planning the Best Seattle Summer Yet

It’s gloomy and overcast in Seattle today but according to my weather app, Summer is around the corner! I can be somewhat of a homebody, but this summer I’m giving myself a bucket list. There will be no wasting good weather in this beautiful city and planning my Seattle summer starts now. Raspberry-Prosecco-Popsicles-3

Paddle boarding I work out and I like to be pretty confident when it comes to balance. Paddle boarding was on my list last Summer but never found the time or buddy to try it with me. Will it happen this year? I already purchased a Groupon so I don’t see how it won’t.

Outdoor Concerts/Outdoor Everything I have a few concert tickets booked for Chateau St. Michelle's concert series. You don't have to twist my arm for a concert on the lawn with a bottle of wine. The more I thought about it, I don't want to spend any time I don't have to indoors this Summer. Thankfully, Seattle has an expansive list of outdoor movie venues! What else can I do outside that's normally indoors?

Peach cobbler Don’t freak out but I don’t eat fruit. In case you’re wondering, I love vegetables and don’t hate all fruit but until this last year I never bit into a whole strawberry or mango (you can thank my wonderful client for forcing those on me). Growing up, my mom would make a peach cobbler at the peak of the every season that my family cooed over. I always avoided it and opted for ice cream only but I think this is the Summer I’ll dive into my first bite!

Prosecco Popsicles You can blame Pinterest for this one. I would love to make my own popsicles this summer and adding prosecco sounds like the right way to do it!

What do you have planned for your Seattle Summer? Tweet at me @brookeandersen.